The 5-ton loader of the most popular Degong compan

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Recently, the domestic loader sales department of Degong sent good news. After many efforts, it finally defeated its competitors and received an order for 10 5-ton loaders from a mining company in Shandong. The car has been delivered to the customer

the 5-ton loaders of Degong have started in batches

over the years, Degong has continuously adhered to independent innovation and service improvement in product design and service. Through the visit and investigation of market conditions and working environment, it has systematically upgraded the product power, braking and safety, making the quality of the whole machine more reliable and durable; In terms of service, the company always adheres to the service concept of "intentions, efficiency, and creating value for customers". First, we should have a general understanding of how to meet the needs of users, such as the precise direct extrusion of plastic products with high elongation of polymer materials, which has won high praise from customers

excellent quality and high-quality service contributed to this sales, and also laid a solid foundation for future sales work

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