The 46th China International System on October 29t

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The 46th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition was successfully concluded on October 29, 2013

the 46th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition was held in nth= "10" year= "2013" w:st= "on"> on October 25, 2013 in Chongqing International Expo Center. During the exhibition, Zhou vakai transmission equipment Co., Ltd. was honored to be invited to participate. The holding of this pharmaceutical machinery exhibition has built the best platform for Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises to conduct business negotiations and trade with their global counterparts. It is of great significance for accelerating the technological transformation of pharmaceutical enterprises and promoting the overall development of the environmental protection element industry for Adidas, the pharmaceutical company, on the basis of the previous expectation

Suzhou WAKAI transmission equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing special reduction motors for pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. The exhibition is aimed at pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing equipment: a series of products such as direct axis reducer, parallel axis reducer, planetary gear reducer, vertical reduction motor, horizontal reduction motor, worm gear reducer, etc., which provide better services and more supporting products for pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing equipment enterprises, Vakai's products were also unanimously recognized at the exhibition

Suzhou WAKAI transmission equipment Co., Ltd. wishes China's pharmaceutical industry to prosper

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