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The newspaper 4D mode may be extended to other prints

during the Luoyang peony festival in Henan Province, "Luoyang" issued the first domestic 4D newspaper "Guose Tianxiang 4D peony special" on the basis of 3D technology, which can not only see the three-dimensional peony flowers, but also smell the fragrance of peony. For a time, it attracted great attention in the industry, and many people expressed their feelings of Luoyang Zhigui. Last year, 3D newspapers became popular. In terms of printing [encyclopedia Weibo] technology, how is the printing technology of 4D newspapers different from that in the past? The author interviewed Li Yong, executive director of Luoyang, and people in the printing industry. They discussed the replicable factors of 4D newspapers from the perspective of printing technology

different conventional printing processes

Li Yong said: 4D newspaper printing uses molecular diffusion technology to integrate the peony essence extracted from peony into the newspaper through the printing process. After printing, it is sealed for a period of time to maintain the fragrance. When reading the newspaper, wear the red and blue glasses delivered, and the Peony will jump on the paper, and the fragrance will also come to your nose. He said that in terms of printing technology, this special issue mainly has three differences

printing paper. Generally, newspapers use paper. In addition to the regular page paper, the four editions with peony fragrance use coated paper, that is, the cover and the second cover, whose minimum guaranteed interest rate remains at 1.75%, the third cover and the back cover for a long time. Because the details of the picture are not good enough when printed on paper, and the picture will be more delicate when printed on coated paper

ink and essence. The biggest difference from conventional printing is that on the basis of the four primary colors (namely yellow, magenta, cyan and black), peony flavor essence is mixed into one of the primary colors. The R & D institution providing essence is a local high-tech company in Luoyang that studies plant spices. Li Yong said that few essence materials were added this time, which would not affect the properties of the ink itself or cause instability in the printing process

storage mode. Li Yong said that after the four pages with peony fragrance were printed, they were covered with other pages, wrapped in plastic and sealed for storage for a period of time. According to reports, the 4D newspaper took half a day alone for sealing operation, which played a role in setting off the fragrance

increase costs through advertising digestion

from the perspective of cost accounting, because the price of coated paper is higher than that of paper, plus the cost of peony essence and red and blue glasses, the overall cost is higher than that of ordinary newspapers. It is reported that the 4D special issue was still sold at the price of 0.6 yuan on the same day, and the price was not increased, but the sales volume increased. Li Yong said that because 90% of the buyers are year-round subscribers, they have paid a fee and should not increase the price. These costs are mainly digested in advertising, and the price of this kind of advertising is higher than that of ordinary advertising

Yang Jianzhou, sales manager of Shanghai Edison Ink Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, said that in fact, the cost of technology research and development is higher than the cost of raw materials. In addition, essence can be operated online as long as it does not react with the ink chemically, as long as it does not affect the physical properties of the ink and the performance on the printing machine. However, in terms of cost, the ink mixed with essence belongs to special ink. After printing this moving part, the main reason for using special car washing water to actively adjust the orientation of the machine is that it is solid, easy to use, simple and thorough cleaning, otherwise there will be ink streaking in the following moving parts, which also needs to pay the time cost and cleaning cost

4d mode will not become the norm of newspapers

on April 13, 2011, primary school students in Luoyang were tasting the first 4D newspaper in China, Guose Tianxiang 4D peony special issue

this 4D special issue mode is mainly aimed at increasing the attractiveness of newspapers and increasing the novelty of readers, and will not be used as a regular publishing and distribution method of newspapers. Li Yong said that due to the need to wear special glasses, eyes will be uncomfortable over time. In addition, it needs long-term storage in the printing process, which cannot guarantee timeliness, and also violates the attribute of timeliness, so it will not become the norm of newspapers

Yang Jianzhou also believes that this kind of publishing method with flavor is not suitable for the Daily Publishing characteristics of newspapers. It is more suitable to be called 4D propaganda newspaper, because only one flavor can be added, and it is also more suitable to promote a specific single product. He suggested that if this essence could be loaded on the printing paper, it would be more convenient for printing. 9. Compress space: the technology of adding 0 (3) 000mm into ink or pulp is not the latest, just like the scented stationery that everyone has used, the application mode and mode are the key

Li Yong also said that in the future, Luoyang news agency will cooperate with advertisers according to the situation and publish 4D special issues from time to time. After promotion, this flower essence extraction technology will be more developed and applied to other printing modes, such as high-end business card printing, meeting a special printing demand, etc

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