The 500000 ton coal based engineering plastics pro

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The 500000 ton coal based engineering plastics project of China Coal Mengda started


recently, the public works I unit of the 500000 ton/year engineering plastics project of Inner Mongolia China Coal Mengda New Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., which was constructed by China Chemical Engineering Fourth Construction Co., Ltd., started construction

China Coal Mengda 500000 ton engineering plastic project is located in Wushenzhao Industrial Park, Wushen Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a total investment of 10.4 billion yuan. It is a construction project jointly operated by China Coal Energy Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Yuanxing Energy Co., Ltd. and controlled by China Coal Energy Co., Ltd. The project takes the annual output of 1.2 million tons of methanol of Boyuan Lianhua and 600000 tons of methanol of Mengda new energy as raw materials, and constructs the annual output of 300000 tons of polyethylene and 300000 tons of polypropylene devices, which can further produce 500000 tons of engineering plastics and other by-products. The implementation of this project will play an exemplary role in the transformation and development of domestic engineering plastics enterprises. Xuejinlei, an analyst at business news agency, said that currently, PP, ABS, pc/abs, PMMA, PA metallic gloss materials are widely used in air conditioning outlets, toilet covers, washing machine rollers and other components of the coal to polyolefin project, and the technology is basically mature, and many domestic devices are also operating normally. 2 Constant speed electromechanical add frequency converter, but it is still the first time to extend to the field of engineering plastics. The success of this project will become an important reference for the deepening and extension of the coal to olefin industrial chain, which has a good guiding significance

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