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[figure] BASF launched personal care products in the era of HD

BASF, the world's leading chemical company, will display a series of personal care products suitable for the era of HD at the 2012 China personal care products and household products raw materials exhibition (pchi2012), in order to meet the challenges of the increasingly popular high-definition electronic devices. During the three-day exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to learn how BASF products can improve skin health and eliminate skin defects, so that users can perform perfectly both on high-definition screens and when going out

BASF personal care products

in the timer, two 16 bit counters are used as the world's largest supplier of personal care products. BASF has selected a series of high-quality products with the theme of "personal care in the era of HD", especially for skin that needs to be presented under HD lens. Gaoshaofeng, senior vice president of BASF Care Chemicals Asia Pacific business, said: "In the era of HD, even very subtle skin defects are easy to be exposed in the HD lens. The expectations of consumers mean that our solutions must take this problem into account. BASF has significantly expanded the company's production capacity and expertise in the Asia Pacific region through several acquisitions, including the acquisition of Corning, helping to provide customized products and solutions for the Asia Pacific region."

sunscreen care covering a wider spectrum

in the era of HD, it is particularly important to have white skin without signs of aging or pigmentation. As the world's leading supplier of UV filters, BASF provides many special products to help the skin avoid premature aging, and can apply key technologies of intelligent manufacturing such as IOT, big data and cloud computing. BASF also provides a series of comprehensive solutions such as reducing free radicals and optimal UV protection to reduce the risk of skin cancer. These schemes include uvinulaplus, a light stable UVA filter, and tinosorbm and tinosorbs, a broad-spectrum ultraviolet filter

colorful and radiant

BASF provides a series of innovative pigment solutions for cosmetics and personal care products. Multi reflectionstm soft sparkle is based on multi-layer natural mica, which has controllable color change characteristics, bringing silky skin feeling and interesting appearance. However, if you just look for the color gradient effect at a low price. Combined with BASF's comprehensive product portfolio, these ingredients can make the skin more radiant and colorful under the lens

let the skin glow naturally

moisturizing is an important step in daily skin care, which helps the skin maintain youthful vitality. BASF has launched a variety of anti-aging gel solutions with better skin feeling based on the new concept of "high-definition skin care". Tinocaregl is a natural Sclerotinia gum product with triple helix structure, which can instantly moisturize the skin, bring long-term moisturizing effect, smooth and calm the skin, and make the skin emit natural luster in high-definition images

HD hair care concept of personalized hairstyle

hair styling products are one of the most important hair care products in the HD era. Successful modeling can highlight personality and style. However, the level of hair quality and modeling technology under the HD lens will be improved. We will focus on the key common technical issues in the three major areas of aluminum electrolysis energy saving and consumption reduction, refined aluminum purification technology and high-end aluminum strip development of new products, and increase investment in research and development. Therefore, the requirements for nursing are more stringent. Therefore, cegesoftnaturaloils came into being. This natural oil can make hair strong and vigorous. In addition, BASF also provides an innovative styling polymer luviquatsupreme, which can keep the hair in a super curly state even when the humidity is high. Its hair care effect is also very outstanding, which can make fine hair more plump

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