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Tianqi Futures: Japanese glue sideways consolidation, Shanghai glue probe low rebound

Shanghai glue probe low rebound today, the large discount in the futures market encourages low-level buying, and there is a strong sense of profit taking by short sellers before the weekend. The main contract ru0807 opened 22150. After the opening, the futures price broke through the 22000 level, and fell to 21850 as low as possible. With the low-level buying and short covering before the weekend, the futures price fluctuated and rebounded. Within less than an hour, the futures price rebounded by more than a thousand points, reaching 22925 as high as possible, recovering yesterday's decline. In the afternoon, the futures price basically fluctuated at the high level of the day, ending at 22795, up 635 points from yesterday's closing, with 285646 transactions and 20802 positions reduced, 47550 positions

tocom rubber futures closed slightly higher on Friday, as bullish crude oil, rising precious metals and declining domestic production led to the firmness of the spot market and sparked new buying interest. Traders said that the lack of new bullish news means that the recent upshift may be limited to 290 yen per kilogram, but the overall outlook remains bullish. In the benchmark August, RSS computer has the function of manual sample registration. 3. The contract maintained a narrow range throughout the day

in the spot market, natural rubber is basically in a state of price without market; The synthetic rubber was not sold well after the cost rose due to the rise of crude oil; Hengshui styrene butadiene rubber Market: the quotation of Jihua styrene butadiene rubber is about 1502 yuan/ton; The quotation is about 1712 yuan/ton, the downstream demand is weak, and the market transaction is general. For example, Tianjin has strengthened the development of core technologies and key components of medical devices, and the market quotation of styrene rubber is stable: the mainstream quotation of rosin butadiene styrene is about 1502 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of 1712 is about 14600 yuan/ton. Downstream enterprises have limited market procurement, and the market trading is flat. The market of styrene butadiene rubber continued to be weak, and the operators were cautious, and their views on the trend of styrene butadiene rubber were slightly pessimistic

the Malaysian grower industry ministry said on Thursday that Malaysia's natural rubber exports are expected to increase slightly to 1.16 million tons in 2008 due to good demand and increased production. 2 that is, thermal radiation, thermal convection and heat conduction. In 2007, Malaysia is expected to export 1.02 million tons of natural rubber, with an output of 1.2 million tons. "If the weather is good, Malaysia is expected to produce about 1.26 million tons of natural rubber this year."

before the weekend, Shanghai Jiaotong staged a sharp rebound trend. After yesterday's sharp drop in the limit, it fell again today and made a sharp counterattack; The clamping force of the market fixture will produce with wear, and the error field of the test data shows an upward trend of position reduction and increment. The action of short funds dispersing before the weekend is obvious. Recently, the market has continued to fall sharply in the domestic weak environment, which has greatly impacted the confidence of market bulls. Supported by the strong fundamentals and crude oil, the natural rubber market, which should have risen seasonally, has shown a weak fatigue state of sharp decline; The domestic Tianjiao inventory of up to 100000 tons is the main negative factor in the domestic market speculation. After the sharp decline of futures, this week's inventory also began to decrease by more than 1000 tons. The later pressure will be gradually released, and the correction of Shanghai Jiao market will be basically in place. Today, the main short sellers, Zhejiang and COFCO, have reduced their positions significantly, which also shows that the short sellers basically see the current price level; Last week, before the weekend, clear the warehouse and wait and see

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