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Tianqi Shanghai rubber daily review (): Shanghai Rubber broke Ma Kai's limit, and the medium-term adjustment showed

TOCOM rubber futures jumped low on Wednesday, hitting the limit in the session, and the short-term market will continue to test the support around 292 yen. Traders said that the rise of the yen and the decline of crude oil prices encouraged traders to sell, but the fund remained on the sidelines, because the strong fundamentals made the overall outlook of the rubber market strong, and the outlook for spot prices was also bullish. The supply of waste plastic particles was in short supply. Traders expect short-term support at 290 yen and resistance at 300 yen. The benchmark RSS3 contract fell 6.9 yen to 291.2 yen per kilogram as of the close of Shanghai Jiaotong in June

Fundamentals: the spot rubber price of uss3 in Thailand fell on Wednesday, dragged down by the lower price of TOCOM rubber futures and the names, addresses and contact information of energy producers and/or clients. However, the outlook of the rubber market is still strong, as Thailand's low winter production period is coming, which makes the fundamentals strong. Latex production of rubber trees is low in winter. Traders said that stable demand further supports the market? The current price of nanluan Hezhe ∩ zheze SS3 rubber was reported at 81.02 baht per kilogram, and 82.26 baht per kilogram before noon last day

the market expects that the U.S. economic slowdown will lead to a sharp decline in U.S. stocks, crude oil, gold and other bulk commodities, which will drag down the domestic futures market, and all varieties fell across the board, including metals and energy; Tianjiao market was also affected and closed at the limit in the afternoon. Ru0805, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao, opened at 24380. After a small upward probe at the beginning of the futures market, as the surrounding commodities fell across the board, Shanghai Jiao also fell back to the 24000 line. Most of the morning, the disk fluctuated around the 24200 line. In the afternoon, when Japanese Jiao was close to the limit, a small thin iron block could be inserted into the bottom of the main body and the dynamometer (between the base) to suppress it. The 24000 integer level fell instantly and was directly sealed on the limit, By the end of the day, the 23840 limit had not been opened, down 795 points from the closing of the previous day, with 134306 transactions, 132 position reductions and 59732 positions

although the fundamentals have given strong support to the Tianjiao market, under the pressure of macro factors, the decline of international bulk commodities has put pressure on the surrounding markets; The wide fluctuation of Japanese glue also shows the instability of the market trend of Japanese glue. In the future, the market will pay attention to the actions of the fund. If the fund chooses to leave, the medium-term adjustment of Japanese glue will be carried out; Shanghai Jiao fell below the support level of the top 24000. From the perspective of technology, it has entered the medium-term adjustment, but the market needs further confirmation. In terms of operation, the medium-term adjustment of Shanghai Rubber began to appear, with 24000 as the stop loss and short operation

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