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Tianmei company sponsored the participation of the 22nd National Symposium on spectral instruments

the 22nd National Symposium on spectral instruments was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, on December, 2018, which is known as the "garden of marine flowers for the majority utilization of high molecular polymers". The meeting was jointly hosted by Xiamen University and the spectral instrument Professional Committee of the analytical instrument branch of the China instrumentation society

the content of the conference focuses on the current situation and future development direction of scientific instruments. From the perspective of globalization, famous experts and scholars in the field of spectroscopy at home and abroad were invited to attend, exchange the latest achievements and progress in the development and application of spectral instruments, and jointly discuss the prospects and solutions for the industrialization of spectral scientific instruments. The participants covered scientific research institutions and units engaged in the research and application of molecular spectroscopy instruments in all regions of the country. Many masters in the spectrum research and development industry have brought wonderful reports from basic principles to major applications, with a strong academic atmosphere and unprecedented grandeur. Tianmei (China) scientific instruments Co., Ltd. and Edinburgh company were invited to participate in the conference as one of the sponsors

from left to right: Professor Zhang Xinrong of Tsinghua University, academician Tian Zhongqun of Chinese Academy of Sciences of Xiamen University, Liu Changkuan, executive vice president of analytical instruments of China instrumentation society, and Professor Chen Liangyao of Fudan University delivered a speech at the conference dinner. Ms. Zhang Hairong, vice president of Tianmei (China), outlined the development process of Tianmei (China), and emphasized that Tianmei's "intelligent" manufacturing will continue to forge ahead and help scientific research, Contribute to the development of scientific instruments

Ms. Zhang Hairong, vice president of Tianmei (China) scientific instruments Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

next, the experts presented excellent paper certificates to the winners of the excellent wall newspaper selected at the meeting and took a group photo

group photo of the winners of the excellent wall newspaper

subsequently, Tianmei (China) scientific instruments Co., Ltd. prepared elaborate gifts for the experts and scholars attending the dinner. At the same time, a lucky draw was held, and many lucky scholars won prizes of different awards

Tianmei (China) scientific instruments Co., Ltd. can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time. The production division and the oil return valve have no oil flowing out. Wu Lingwei, general manager of Guangzhou office, presided over the raffle

Dr. Roger Fenske, CEO of Edinburgh instruments, presented the award to lucky scholars

during the conference, many teachers and scholars came to the booth to understand the advanced technology of steady-state transient luminescence and its wide application. Edinburgh instruments aims to develop and find more updated application directions, promote the wider application of fluorescence spectroscopy technology in scientific research, and better help researchers solve problems in scientific research. At the same time, Tianmei (China) will always adhere to the original intention of helping the scientific research field and providing high-quality services for the majority of users

about Tianmei:

Tianmei group is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of surface science, analytical instruments, life science equipment and laboratory instruments; Provide complete and reliable solutions for scientific research, education, testing and production. In recent years, Tianmei group has actively expanded its international market and has set up branches in Singapore, India, Macao, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. The company has also acquired many well-known overseas production enterprises such as froilabo company of France, Precisa company of Switzerland, iXRF company of the United States, Edinburgh instruments company of the United Kingdom, scion gas phase and temperament product production line of Brooke company, balance product line of Shanghai Jingke company, Sanke and other domestic manufacturing enterprises, strengthening the diversification of the company's products

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