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Tianqi first goods - Tianjiao morning trading analysis summary ()

[Shanghai Jiao operation suggestions] rijiao opened slightly higher today, maintaining a narrow range of volatility; On Tuesday, the Shanghai rubber market failed to continue the rising trend of the previous day, and the futures price fell back at a high level due to the fall of the metal market; It is expected that Shanghai Jiao will open slightly higher today, and continue to follow the trend of surrounding industrial products and maintain a high level of volatility. The strength of the metal market is the main reason for the current round of rise of Shanghai Jiao, and the callback of metal has made the rise of Shanghai Jiao lose momentum. Whether the future market can break through the previous high still depends on the cooperation of the metal market and capital, and the operation still fails to reach a consensus on the specific matters of the implementation of the cooperation plan. Many orders continue to hold, The 5-day moving average is used as the departure signal

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