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Tianqi Shanghai Jiao daily review (): the market lacks direction, and the Shanghai and Japan markets slightly collated

Shanghai Jiao rose and fell today, and the market was under high selling pressure. Ru0807, the main contract, opened at 21350. The initial price rose slightly, but encountered selling pressure from the top line of 21600, and the futures price then fell back. The highest price in the session was 51:4921620 during the SAIC period, and the lowest was 21255. The closing price was 21365, down 45 points from the closing price of the previous trading day. Transactions in the new material field of Pingmei Shenma fali were 140130, positions were reduced by 388, and positions were 51928. Ru0809 contract increased 4660 positions and held 31384 positions

tocom rubber futures rose moderately on Tuesday, following the rebound of other commodities, such as gold and crude oil. However, the trading volume was low, as some funds remained on the sidelines, waiting for clearer market trends and the emergence of new factors. Traders expect the support level to be 278 yen per kilogram. The resistance and friction tester mainly passes through the grinding layer and friction paper force of the sample, but EPS relies on its superior performance level to be 284 yen per kilogram. The benchmark RSS3 contract in September was basically stable above 280 yen per kilogram

in the spot market, the domestic spot trend remains stable and the transaction has improved; The quotation of Yunnan standard 1 in Zhejiang is about 22200 yuan/ton; The quotation of imported latex is about 16100 yuan/ton with ticket; The quotation of Thailand 3# cigarette with ticket is about 24600/ton, and that of Vietnam 3L with ticket is about 23500 yuan/ton. The quotation of traders is stable, and the overall transaction is stable. The quotation of Yunnan state-owned bid I in Jiangsu is about 22500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of state-owned bid II is 22200 yuan/ton; The quotation of imported barrel latex in three trees is about 16300 yuan/ton, the quotation of 3# cigarette in Thailand is 24500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 3L in Vietnam is about 23500 yuan/ton. The quotation of traders is stable and the transaction is average

spot rubber prices in Asia fell modestly, and producers cut prices as currencies in Asia weakened against the US dollar. A trader in Singapore said that demand in the spot market remained strong, and the deliverable rubber inventory in Shanghai fell 6225 tons to 65120 tons last week

the overall weakness of the Tianjiao market has not changed significantly. Although it rebounded yesterday, it rose and fell today, indicating that the market is still under short control; Although the current price has been pressed very low, and the market has begun to focus on digesting inventory, the enthusiasm of the market to be long is obviously insufficient. From the performance of Yuanyue 809, it can be seen that short sellers have completely taken the initiative in the seasonal trend law; As the author said yesterday, in the current situation of insufficient market momentum, any rebound is just an opportunity for short sellers to continue to sell short; The performance of rijiao is more sluggish, the market wait-and-see mood is strong, and investors such as funds are waiting for further guidance; Shanghai Jiaotong is still suppressed by the 5-day moving average today. After hours positions show that the willingness of short sellers to increase their positions has not decreased. In the case of wide gap between long and short forces, the pattern of medium-term weakness will become more and more obvious as time goes by; In terms of operation, hold an appropriate amount of high-level short orders, and continue to sell short in case of rebound, with a stop loss of 21700

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