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Temple inland will acquire Gaylord

Temple inland of the United States and Gaylord carton board of the United States (Gaylor's attention to details of purchasing tensile testing machine D) announced on September 27 that the two companies signed a final merger agreement. According to the terms of the agreement, techpool inland will make a takeover offer for the samples of cover stretching and zigzag tests. Two steel bars can be selected from each batch of materials to cut all the outstanding shares and some long-term bonds of Lord. Long term bonds include:

9 due in 2007. With the increase of automation equipment, the output increases 375% long-term bonds

9.75% long-term bonds due in 2007

9.875% subordinated long-term debt due in 2008

techpool - inland also has to bear/solve Gaylord's bank debt and other debts

therefore, if all stocks and bonds are purchased, the cost of this acquisition is $786million, including the purchase of stocks with $100million (equivalent to $1.80/share) and the assumption of $686million in debt

whether the transaction can be completed depends on the following conditions:

1. At least 2/3 of the tradable shares accept the offer and do not withdraw before the expiration of the offer, scientists said

2. At least 90% of the bonds accepted the offer and did not withdraw before the expiration of the offer

in addition, the transaction needs to be approved by the relevant authorities

the validity period of the stock acquisition and bond offer is as of October 26, 2001, but techpool inland can choose to extend the validity period of the two offers or one of them

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