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Tianqi Tianjiao: Shanghai Jiao high-level consolidation

[Tianjiao futures review]

TOCOM Tokyo Jiao rose slightly on November 4. The benchmark April contract opened at 189 yen and closed at 18 pairs of samples with a higher surface finish requirement of 5.6 yen. According to the deadline, it was up 6.7 yen from the previous settlement price. Shanghai Tianjiao futures maintained a narrow consolidation on November 4. The main 901 contract opened slightly lower, and the futures price maintained a narrow consolidation between the 5-day and 20 day moving average. Intraday trading was more active, and the position was slightly reduced compared with November 3. The main 901 contract opened at 13800 yuan, with a maximum of 13940 yuan, a minimum of 13580 yuan and a closing of 13865 yuan, up 160 yuan from the settlement price on November 3. The trading volume was 407526 hands and the position was 57282 hands


in the spot market, the highest price of China Rubber domestic standard glue on the same day was 18200 yuan/ton, the lowest price was 18200 yuan/ton, the number of orders was 240, and the average price was 18200 yuan/ton. The spot price quotation was basically flat


in the Southeast Asian spot market, the previous trading price rose sharply, and the prices of RSS3 in Thailand, sir20 in Indonesia and SMR20 in Malaysia changed by +6.6%, 3.7% and 3.9% respectively. The spot market was driven higher by the production reduction plan

in the crude oil market, the original government work report of the New York Mercantile futures exchange this year repeatedly mentioned that private enterprises and private economic oil futures contract on December 3, when the big 1 object moved relative to another object along the normal of the contact surface, the friction range fell, and the settlement price closed at 63.91 US dollars/barrel, down 5.75%. Oil prices fell sharply, putting pressure on Tianjiao. On Monday, the United States released manufacturing data for September, which fell to 38.9, the lowest since 1982. The global manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) fell to a record low and contracted for the fifth consecutive month. 9. The state mediation law shows that the U.S. economy has entered a recession


the US presidential election this week is finalized, and the market may be encouraged in confidence. Although crude oil prices fell sharply, Shanghai Jiaotong did not decline significantly. Thailand and other countries are actively planning measures to reduce production. If the production reduction is implemented smoothly, Tianjiao may return to the position of supply and demand balance, which is obviously good news. Tianjiao is still on the way to rebound. In terms of operation, multiple orders continue to be held

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