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Tianqi Futures: Japanese rubber sideways consolidation, Shanghai Rubber rose over the weekend

TOCOM rubber futures opened low and went high on Friday, with small fluctuations. The market trading was relatively light before the weekend. Most investors choose to wait and see because of the lack of news to promote the market trend. The decline in the crude oil market depressed market sentiment, and the futures price rose to 300 yen, triggering some selling. However, the fund's long positions did not change significantly, and the solid spot outlook provided support. The market is waiting for new directional information guidance, and the benchmark June RSS3 rubber futures intraday volatility range 2 yen

Fundamentals: the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 fell on Friday, following the decline in crude oil prices and yesterday's decline in TOCOM rubber futures. However, in China, there is a tax on lead-acid batteries. Consumer demand is active before the Lunar New Year holiday and is expected to remain strong in February. While the low production season of rubber in Thailand is approaching, these are expected to support rubber prices in the coming weeks. In the Heai center rubber market, uss3 was quoted at 79.38 baht per kilogram, and the quotation was 79.78 baht per kilogram late yesterday morning

preliminary data released by the General Administration of Customs on Friday showed that China imported 150000 tons of natural rubber in December. According to the General Administration of customs, the import volume of natural rubber in 2007 increased by 2.2% year-on-year to 1.65 million tons

the Shanghai rubber market rebounded after falling today, driven by low-level buying. Although the gold and crude oil markets maintained the consolidation trend, the rise in the afternoon metal market increased the bullish sentiment of Shanghai Research table gelatin. Ru0805, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao stock exchange, opened with 24410. After the futures price fell to the intraday low of 24270 in the morning, with the increase of buying, the futures price bounced back, recovering yesterday's decline in one fell swoop. The highest intraday price was 24740, and it closed at 24560 at the end of the day, up 190 points from the closing of the previous day, with 112924 transactions, 5736 positions and 51338 positions

the Japanese glue continues to hover at the integer level of 300 yen. The high-level operation of bulk commodities such as crude oil and gold limits the callback space of the Japanese glue, but the market lacks more clear positive factors, and the slight strengthening of the yen exchange rate depresses the futures price. At the same time, fund bulls choose to wait and see, indicating that the rising trend in the medium term is still optimistic by the market; At present, Southeast Asia is about to enter the off-season of rubber tapping, and the positive factors from the fundamentals are also the main basis for the market to be bullish. In recent days, Shanghai Jiao has also lacked a directional guidance in light trading. The listing of gold futures makes it difficult to determine the capital of Tianjiao market. Today, the capital begins to close. However, in view of the uncertainty in the market trend until the rubber style is torn off, Shanghai Jiao will continue to have a wide range of volatility in the short term. In terms of operation, it relies on 24000 frontline and holds multiple orders

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