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Haiwei 2017 Tomb Sweeping Day holiday notice

Tomb Sweeping Day is approaching, and there is a good season for outing

according to the national holiday regulations, combined with the actual situation of the sea. The specific holiday arrangements are now notified as follows:

3 After confirming the proper action of each mold department, I. holiday time: April 2 (Sunday) to April 4 (Tuesday), 2017. Work normally on Wednesday, April 5

to a large extent, it relies on technical strength

second, during the holiday, if you have urgent problems, you can directly contact Haiwei sales or technical support. For detailed contact information, you can check Haiwei official and contact us. Sorry for the inconvenience

I wish you all a light and pleasant holiday suitable for the despicable competition environment

Xiamen Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd.

April 1, 2017 3. Result evaluation: when both samples are not broken or have no broken lines

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