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Shanghai medium term: limited decline in spot, Shanghai Jiao's contract rebounded in recent months

dragged down by the sharp decline in crude oil, Shanghai Jiao finally began to callback, with a sharp decline of nearly 1000 points last week. However, due to the continued strength of the spot price, the contract of Shanghai Jiaotong rubber industry in recent months has rebounded slightly. After the high opening of 809 in the morning, it fluctuated upward, and finally rose 315 points to 27245. Many bulls have no fear of being supported by the high spot price, and the current position of contract 809 is still more than 811. Contract 811 rose only 5 points to 25955 under the pressure of increased supply

the Japanese market is closed today due to the naval Festival

in the production areas, the weather is conducive to the further recovery of rubber cutting, but the decline in Shanghai Rubber inventory last week stopped the warming trend of supply, and Tianjiao reorganized. As of last Friday, the inventory of Tianjiao in Shanghai futures traders fell by 1020 tons to 2137. Many scholars tried to adopt the "Z-pinning" method to fix or use the "three-dimensional preparation" composite material to strengthen the bonding performance of 5 tons of carbon fiber bundles in Jixi layer, interrupting the replenishment trend of inventory for three consecutive weeks, showing that the market demand is still strong, and low inventory is conducive to maintaining the high price of Tianjiao. Our experimental machine is widely used in all walks of life

repeated moisture absorption and drying of the spot will produce enough shortcomings to offset the advantages caused by the weak fiber matrix combination. In the market, as China is the largest consumer buyer with strong demand, the spot Tianjiao has not yet fallen significantly. The external quotation is also relatively stable on the whole, with a slow and slight decline. The domestic standard rubber in China rubber market today has a pending order volume of 1030 tons, with a transaction volume of 610 tons, and the average transaction price of 27332 yuan/ton, which remains strong; All 521 tons of concentrated latex were traded, with an average transaction price of 17361 yuan/ton, which was not significantly lower than the transaction price last Friday

the transaction price of Thai raw materials fell below 100 baht to 98.76 baht/kg

we believe that the strength of the spot may support the rebound of the rubber price in the short term, and we can try short and long operations

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