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Hot spots: Shandong dongyingxia will make extensive use of plastic woven products in future buildings. Enterprises will reduce production

in the traditional off-season, the main downstream plastic woven industry of recycled PP is full of fatigue. According to zhuochuang information, at present, the downstream plastic plaited products enterprises are in the productive off-season, and most of their operations are maintenance oriented. A plastic woven products manufacturing enterprise in Dongying City, Shandong Province has knitting machines, which is one of the larger manufacturers in this area. Due to general orders and lack of funds, the operating load decreased from% in the early stage to%. At present, the inventory of raw materials including recycled materials and raw materials in the plastic knitting factory is maintained at tons, which can maintain the actual production, but the deformation is still elastic for 0 days. The inventory of finished products is general, about tons. Orders from other plastic knitting manufacturers in the market did not show optimistic performance, and most of them maintained low load operation. The new material market offer is low, which is attractive to plastic knitting manufacturers. At present, the factory mainly purchases recycled materials as they are used, and mostly takes small orders of about 10 tons

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