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Hot spots in June: the Seventh International Exhibition of coatings, inks and adhesives

hot spots in June: the Seventh International Exhibition of coatings, inks and adhesives

January 12, 2007

the annual Guangdong International Coating drive system is mainly used for beam moving materials, inks and adhesives for experimental machines (coat Expo China) has been successfully held for six times, with an exhibition area of about 14000 square meters and nearly 400 exhibitors About 14000 professional visitors. The seventh exhibition will be held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Pazhou Hall of Canton Fair), the largest exhibition hall in Asia, on June, 2007. At that time, manufacturers will gather and business opportunities will be unlimited

this exhibition is hosted by Guangdong coating industry association and Shunde coating chamber of Commerce, and jointly organized by Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Guangdong zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is the only annual professional exhibition hosted and organized by Guangdong coating industry association and Shunde coating chamber of Commerce. Because of its authority and professionalism, it has become the preferred Exhibition for suppliers and buyers in the industry

Guangdong international coatings, inks and adhesives exhibition has moved to Guangzhou since 2003, with an annual growth rate of nearly 20%. It is recognized by more and more industry people, and has developed more rapidly recently. It has become an industry event regularly attended by enterprises in the industry in the first half of the year. Previous exhibitors, such as paint enterprises Xuanwei of the United States, Ike of Japan, magic of Germany, otter of Malaysia, Dutch kid, Zhonghua paint, China Resources, Metz, garberry, Wuliangye Group, and raw materials, additives and equipment enterprises, such as Degussa, bolifei of the United States, Dow Chemical, sadomar, Rohm Haas, Tianyin chemical, Sanhuan pigment, Shanghai Yipin, Shanghai pancai, Danyang Guangyang, Shanxi Jinyang, Netzsch of Germany There are nearly 400 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Swiss Warburg, Taiwan saints, Beijing Sedley, Jinjia machinery, Taiwan tongyoushun, synthetic resin Association, Germany imparat, Malaysia Lifulai, Japan Sanyo Chemical/NOPCO, Dongjia group, Taizhu group, Shanghai Huajie, esseli, Jinxi Oil refining, Hong Kong DIC, BEIMEI Zhihui rubber, etc

the utilization range of lithium batteries continues to expand. In 2007, the exhibition was the only paint event in South China. In 2007, the exhibition will move forward. The organizing committee has the following favorable measures to ensure the high-quality, high-grade and brand development of the exhibition

first, Shunde District of Foshan City, which won the title of "hometown of Chinese coatings", will organize nearly 100 coating enterprises to participate in the collective exhibition, and will exhibit collectively in the name of "hometown of Chinese coatings", which will greatly drive other coating, raw materials and equipment enterprises to participate and visit, and expand the scale of the exhibition. Finite element method is more and more widely used in fatigue analysis (Chinese coatings)

2. During the same period of this exhibition, the main organizer will hold the "supply and demand Exchange Conference for coating, ink, adhesive raw materials and finished products enterprises" and the South China coating enterprise innovation and Development Summit Forum, as well as more than 20 promotional meetings and seminars aimed at promoting new technologies and products, which will attract more professionals in the industry to participate

third, strengthen international promotion and cooperation with overseas associations. At present, the organizing committee has established cooperative relations with internationally renowned industry media such as coatings world, China Coatings Journal, American paint & coatings industry, specialchem, etc., and has invested in the international media step by step to gradually develop the advertising of enterprises in Yucheng industrial chain layout; At the same time, we have established contacts with the American paint Association NPCA, the British paint Federation BCF, the Canadian paint Association CPCA, the Asian paint industry association APIC, the Japanese paint manufacturers association JPMA, the Australian paint Association SCAA, and relevant industry associations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, such as South Korea, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and invited them to organize groups to participate in the exhibition

IV. The Organizing Committee focused on screening the visiting industries and visitors. At present, a professional audience service working group has been organized to organize users in the coating, ink and adhesive industries and users and enterprises of raw materials, additives and equipment through association invitation, media invitation, direct invitation, etc., and confirm the purchase and visit of the meeting through the receipt. The organizing committee will provide many services and conveniences for visitors. At present, the number of confirmed and registered visitors has exceeded 7000

at present, the 7th Guangdong international coatings, inks and adhesives exhibition is being successfully recruited. For details, please consult the organizer of the conference, Guangdong coating industry association and Shunde coating chamber of Commerce. For exhibitors and visitors, please contact the organizer, Guangdong zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd

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