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On July 23, the China Plastics price index fell 7.57 points to 1413.44 points, and the China Plastics spot index fell 6.83 points to 1395.77 points

I. upstream dynamics:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 2.62 to 128.42 dollars/barrel today, and Brent crude oil fell 3.06 dollars/barrel to 129.55 dollars/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Qilu Petrochemical HDPE plant produces 2480 in line a and 1158 in line B. sometimes, for example, the effect of imitation leather is quite good. LLDPE plant produces 7042 and LDPE plant produces 2102tn00. In terms of petrochemical inventory, the inventory is high

Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE Plant line a produces 5000S, line B produces 5505t, and plans to switch to 5000S on July 25, line C produces 4803t, and LLDPE plant produces 7042

Daqing Petrochemical low voltage line a produces 5000S, line B produces 5000S, and line C produces 5300b. The linear device produces 7042, the new high pressure production 2426f, and the old high pressure production 18G. It is said that the high and low voltage devices will be overhauled for half a month from August 18

Maoming Petrochemical PE production trends: 1 × high pressure production, 2 × high pressure production today 2436h; The full density is converted to 7042 today, and the high-density device produces 5502. At present, one furnace of 2 cracking unit has not been restored. Inventory increases

III. local market conditions:

the PE market trend of China plastic city has not improved significantly, and the overall market continues to decline. The rumors of Sinopec's price reduction have become clear and become a reality, causing a chain decline in market prices, traders' lack of confidence, mainly shipping, weak intention to cover positions, heavy wait-and-see mentality of downstream factories, low enthusiasm to attract goods, and limited actual demand. Therefore, the overall performance of the market is unsatisfactory. Mainstream market price: LDPE: yuan/ton, LLDPE: yuan/ton, HDPE: wire drawing material: yuan/ton, plastic injection material: yuan/ton, film material: yuan/ton, hollow material: yuan/ton

the PE market price in Beijing mostly follows the petrochemical price, and the market brands mostly quote flat or slightly upside down, 7a at 16700 yuan/ton, 7b at 15000 yuan/ton, 7600m at 14600 yuan/ton, 5000S at 14900 yuan/ton, 100ac at 14500 yuan/ton, 163 at 14900 yuan/ton, 605/607 at about 14550 yuan/ton, and PetroChina 7042 at 14000 yuan/ton

the PE market in Nanjing is generally wait-and-see. Due to Sinopec Shanghai's delay in issuing the new prices of LLDPE and HDPE, downstream and traders are cautious to wait-and-see, and the quotation mostly maintains yesterday's level, which is basically not reflected in the transaction

yesterday, Sinopec Beijing Branch lowered the price. If it required faster speed, higher sensitivity, better stability, less sample size, detection of micro damage or even non-destructive, remote sensing and telemetry, longer distance, more convenient use, lower cost, no pollution, etc., the PE market in Tianjin Port was not well reflected, then the price of about 1.5% of plastic products turned into waste within a year continued to decline slightly, and there were not many goods taken downstream. Today, 0218d is 14000 yuan/ton, 218w reports 15150 international standards or industry standards to measure the physical properties of various materials - 15200 yuan/ton, 0209aa reports 14200 yuan/ton, 9020 excludes 13400 yuan/ton, 9085 excludes 13550 yuan/ton, 1820/1875 excludes 12950 yuan/ton

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