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Large diving October TV panel prices hit a new low

recently, the famous DisplaySearch announced the latest LCD TV panel price trend in the international market in October, and the price change was updated on October 4, 2013. In this price list, we can see that the 32 inch and 39 inch LCD TV panels have fallen by US dollars respectively. The inch LCD panel was reduced by $4, and the 46 inch and 50 inch LCD TV panels were reduced by $2

we take the mainstream large screen 50 inch panel as an example. The price announced in June was $357. In 2017, the new material industry has a good prospect. However, the latest price in October has dropped to $315, with a cumulative decline of $42, equivalent to about 256 yuan. This is one of the reasons why the price of large screen TV and the necessary molding pressure on plastic are falling

on the whole, the price of LCD panels in the international market is still falling. Due to the overall market 2, the low friction coefficient, the decline in the volume demand, and the increase in inventory, the major panel manufacturers are also under pressure. For the panel in stock, it can only be realized as soon as possible by reducing the price. However, recently, there are rumors that the energy-saving subsidy for domestic household appliances will be reintroduced. If it is truly realized, it is believed that the final benefit will be the large screen LCD panel, because in the market demand, the market share of large screen TVs, including those with more than 42 inches, is gradually rising

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