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Biodegradable plastics project has successfully opened up a new space

biodegradable plastics (9155 Jinan Shijin introduces the ability of plastic metal materials to produce plastic deformation without damage under the action of external forces, which is called plasticity. Medium and low carbon steels have good plasticity, -270.00, -2.86%) the market is growing rapidly and has broad prospects. Tang Peide is the chairman of the Implementation Committee: the global consumption of biodegradable plastics was about 300000 tons in 2007 and 695000 tons in 2009, The growth doubled within two years, but despite this, the consumption of biodegradable plastics is still less than 1% of the global plastic consumption. Since 2008, European and American countries have introduced policies to restrict or ban the use of traditional plastic bags for environmental reasons; Therefore, the replacement process of biodegradable plastics will be further accelerated. It is estimated that the global market scale of starch based biodegradable plastics alone will reach 708000 tons in 2013, an increase of more than 2 times over 2009

however, domestic consumption demand for biodegradable plastics has not yet started. In 2009, the consumption was less than 8000 tons, and more than 90% of domestic products were exported to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. With the deepening of the waste classification project led by the government in the developed regions in the Middle East, Wu Qingguo explained that plastic waste bags, as a necessary supporting device for waste classification, will have a very broad prospect for large-scale application in China in the future

fully biodegradable plastics open up the development space of Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd.: the successful and stable production of Zhuhai 30000 ton project marks that the company's "econd" fully biodegradable plastics have the conditions for scale development. The PBSA degradable material produced by the company has relatively prominent comprehensive advantages among all kinds of degradable plastics in the world at present. Its processing performance is close to that of ordinary plastics, but its cost is still relatively high compared with ordinary plastics. However, after the stable production of the 30000 ton continuous process unit, the production cost has decreased significantly compared with the previous 3000 ton pilot plant, and the market competitiveness has been further strengthened. Due to the rapidly growing market demand for biodegradable plastics, the company will choose an opportunity to start the phase II 90000 ton expansion project in the future. After completion, the total capacity will reach 120000 tons, becoming the world's largest PBSA manufacturer. By 2015, the company's 1045 loss making enterprises in the biodegradable materials industry are expected to reach more than 200000 tons

maintain the "recommended" investment rating: it is believed that the sales volume of traditional modified plastics will continue to grow rapidly after Goldilocks has completed the layout covering five major production bases in China, East, West, North and south. With the industrialization breakthrough of high-performance new chemical materials such as fully biodegradable plastics, high-temperature nylon and wood plastic materials, Kingfa Technology Co., Ltd. has established its leading position in the field of domestic new chemical materials, and the proportion of high-performance new chemical materials business in the company's profits will continue to increase in the future. Without considering the impact of the additional issuance for the time being, the earnings per share of Jinfa technology company in 2011, 2012 and 2013 were predicted to be RMB 0.81, RMB 1.20 and RMB 1.56 respectively, maintaining the "recommended" investment rating

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