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Review of major events in the photovoltaic industry in 2012

event review:

on May 17, the U.S. Department of Commerce decided to impose an anti-dumping duty of 31% to 250% on photovoltaic products imported from China that were selected according to the size of products that the company needed to test

in late May, domestic industry giants gathered in Shanghai to denounce the US anti-dumping ruling. Shizhengrong, chairman of Suntech, miaoliansheng, chairman of Yingli, gaojifan, CEO of Trina Solar, quxiaohua, chairman of atlas and other leaders attended

On July 20, the Ministry of Commerce decided to conduct a double anti-dumping investigation against polysilicon from the United States and South Korea, and the preliminary determination will be announced after a period of 3-4 months. On July 24, European Photovoltaic manufacturers filed an application for "anti-dumping" investigation against China with the European Union. Due to the importance of the EU market, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises feel an unprecedented crisis

on July 26, Yingli, Suntech, Trina Solar and Atlas officially issued a joint statement on behalf of the photovoltaic power generation promotion alliance and China's photovoltaic industry, strongly calling on the EU to seriously consider launching an "anti-dumping" investigation against China photovoltaic, and calling on the Chinese government to actively protect the legitimate rights and interests of domestic enterprises and strive to prevent the EU from filing a case

subsequently, the four major photovoltaic enterprises announced that they would stop work for one hour on August 2 to protest the EU's plan to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese photovoltaic products. However, the shutdown plan, which is expected to exceed 10000 people, was finally stopped by the relevant management and failed to take place

on August 13, the Ministry of Commerce urgently summoned Yingli, Suntech, Trinasolar, Atlas and other Chinese photovoltaic enterprises to Beijing to discuss countermeasures. The big four submitted the emergency report on the EU's anti-dumping investigation on China's photovoltaic products, which will severely damage China's industry, but also ensure that the polished damaged layer will not affect the structure finally inspected

on August 15, Suntech Power announced that shizhengrong resigned as CEO and Jin Wei took over

at present, China does not have a complete recycling system

on August 17, the Ministry of Commerce accepted the double reverse application against EU polysilicon enterprises and will announce whether to file the case in a month

on August 30, Merkel visited China for the sixth time in four years at a critical moment less than 10 days before the EU filed an anti-dumping case against China's photovoltaic products. On the same day, contrary to the external speculation that Merkel would avoid talking about photovoltaic, the good news finally came out: China and Germany agreed to solve the problems related to the photovoltaic industry through consultation, avoid anti-dumping, and strengthen cooperation

on August 31, when the Chinese stock market opened, the sunflowers of photovoltaic concept stocks rose by a strong limit, and many photovoltaic stocks rose against the trend

however, on the same day, the EU sent a note to the Chinese mission to the EU, confirming that it would launch an anti-dumping investigation against Chinese enterprises' solar cells and their modules exported to Europe. Chen Zhuo, assistant president and legal director of Yingli, also said: the Ministry of Commerce called Yingli last weekend to inform China that it had received the EU photovoltaic case note, and called Yingli and representatives of Suntech, Trina Solar and Atlas photovoltaic enterprises and anti-dumping lawyers to hold an emergency meeting on September 4 to discuss countermeasures

on September 4, the Ministry of Commerce temporarily cancelled the photovoltaic industry meeting with the four giants, and the industry speculated that things might turn for the better

on September 6, China and other countries came to the official filing of the European Commission's anti-dumping investigation on China's photovoltaic industry

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