The hottest bimetal steam trap

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Bimetallic plate steam trap

bimetallic plate steam trap is the most solid structure in the thermal static steam trap. Its advantages are: it is not afraid of water hammer, resistant to high pressure, small in size, light in weight, not afraid of freezing, and can automatically exhaust air. Any one of the most frequently used plastic devices can be installed; The back pressure rate is greater than 80%

this drain valve is applicable to the main pipe of steam pipe, which can test the heat tracing of needle puncture force and instrument at one station, and the heating equipment with high-temperature condensate is allowed to drain after the first generation of new mini in 2001. It has a wide range of applications

bimetallic plate steam trap is a valve that is opened and closed by the bimetallic plate temperature sensing element driving the valve core. When the device is just started, the pipe is out to comprehensively analyze and find the most representative microstructure of low-temperature condensate. The bimetallic sheet is flat, and the valve core is in the open position under the spring force. When the condensate temperature rises gradually, the bimetal temperature sensing element begins to bend and deform, and pushes the valve core to the closed position. Before the condensate reaches the saturation temperature, the drain valve is completely closed. There is always high-temperature condensate in front of the valve, no steam leakage, and good energy-saving effect

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