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Zhejiang biodegradable plastics industry is worth looking forward to

the 10000 ton biomass degradable material (DPM) production line of Zhejiang HUAFA Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation not long ago, thus becoming one of the largest supply bases of disposable medical appliances, electronics, cosmetics, health products, toys, food packaging containers and other materials and products in China, It has laid a good foundation for building an international biomass degradable plastics industry base. According to reports, HUAFA is only one member of Zhejiang bioplastic industry

biomass degradation material is a globally recognized green product after traditional plastic materials. The raw materials of this product are mainly extracted from agricultural products such as corn, potato and cassava, and then made into biomass degradable plastic products. It has the advantages of renewable and biodegradable, and can realize the purpose of reducing the use of oil resources. It is reported that at present, the total annual demand of China's plastic industry is 500billion yuan. Petroleum based synthetic resin is mainly used as raw material, and most of the materials are difficult to degrade. At present, all countries in the world are actively developing plastic recycling technology. At the same time, the research and development of bioplastics has become a hot spot in the plastic processing industry. It is a new sunrise industry in the world

in China, the concept of biodegradable plastics is gradually recognized by more people after entering the 21st century. Tsinghua University, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions have developed and produced several kinds of biodegradable plastics in cooperation with some domestic enterprises. According to statistics, there are about 100 enterprises engaged in the production of biodegradable plastics in China, but most of them are still on the line of life and death. So far, the global annual output of biodegradable materials is only about 300000 tons, and the domestic output accounts for about 1/5

as a large province of plastic processing industry, Zhejiang has attracted the most attention in the industrialization process of biomass degradable plastics. Ningbo Tian'an biomaterial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tianhe Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang HUAFA Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. and other domestic enterprises engaged in the production of biomass degradable plastics earlier have accelerated the pace of improving product performance and quality, making the development of varieties more diversified, and the production and sales have also increased rapidly. Zhejiang Tianhe Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. Its self-developed bio based fully decomposed packaging material technology mainly uses corn starch and other agricultural products as auxiliary raw materials. The buried test at normal temperature shows that the products in the soil can be selected by the majority of users in the process of selection in combination with their own conditions. After 15 days, they begin to become brittle, mildewed and can be completely decomposed within one year. In the middle of February last year, this technology passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements. Within a period of time, the current changes: 0.08a- 0.12a- 0.08a- 0.12A Range change: 0.1a- 0.5a- 0.1a- 0.5A In the final test, the range is 0.5A. Food packaging containers such as fully degradable lunch boxes have passed the inspection of the national plastic product quality supervision and inspection center and the international iso14855 standard certification. The production cost is only 70% of that of similar international products, and are widely favored by domestic and foreign markets. Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd. is expanding its production capacity to reach an annual output of 5000 tons after the completion of a 30 ton/year pilot production line of polylactic acid resin. In addition, the company also set up a plastic products research institute, which has developed more than 10 varieties and exported them to Japan

in October, 2006, at the second International Symposium on biodegradable materials and bio based technology and application held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang HUAFA Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tianhe Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises won the market development award first issued by the degradable plastics special committee of China Plastics Association. According to shenhuafeng, general manager of Zhejiang HUAFA Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., their trial products have recently been entrusted to the national plastic product quality supervision and Inspection Center for testing. All health indicators meet the requirements of relevant national standards and have good performance. In this regard, many professional purchasers in Japan, the United States and Europe have called to discuss the purchase of biomass degradation products. Now, the company is working with more than 10 domestic related enterprises to prepare industry specifications and standards, with a view to deepening the biomass degradable plastic products industry

some enterprises in Zhejiang see the benefits and market prospects brought by biomass degradable plastics. At present, their enthusiasm for developing this industry is quite high, and they have invested manpower and capital in the R & D and production of this new product. In the middle of December, 2006, Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang HUAFA Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. signed the letter of intent for cooperation on biodegradable plastics, hoping to drive the rapid development of biodegradable plastics industry in Zhejiang Province by solving the bottleneck problem of biodegradable plastics processing technology. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan also included biodegradable plastics in key development projects. According to the analysis of the industry, Zhejiang Province, relying on its traditional advantages in the plastic industry and the advantages it has obtained in the research, development and production of biomass degradable plastics, will lead the domestic industry in large-scale industrialization

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