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Bilin software helps jinhuasheng paper to realize information management

special business of warehouse pallets for the case that the whole pallets cannot be tallied during the tallying process, the system provides special business of pallets: plate splicing and plate dismantling. The purpose is to ensure the accuracy of tally and the rationality of pallet

product outbound

at the warehouse site, wireless data acquisition terminal is used to collect outbound data. Collection content: pallet number, warehouse location number and outbound operator number. The system performs the following verification on the data collected by the operator

warehouse management

1) inventory management

the warehouse counts the inventory goods on a monthly basis, counts the items in each warehouse location (shelf) with the data acquisition terminal, scans the product code p/n and pallet number during counting, and the system summarizes the quantity according to the product serial number s/n corresponding to the pallet number, checks with the system inventory, prints the counting table, and generates the profit and loss report, so that the warehouse management personnel can move the warehouse Reporting of excess and loss

2) stock transfer management

high service life

due to unforeseen reasons, the system provides stock transfer management function to assist the warehouse management personnel to adjust the variety of goods between each warehouse location (shelf), so as to achieve the correspondence between the system inventory and the actual inventory

3) inventory management

warehouse inventory is a very important information for warehouse managers and enterprise managers. It provides some information directly related to enterprise costs, which is specifically reflected in the following aspects:

the system divides the locations according to the actual needs of the warehouse. It can divide the locations according to the warehouse locations, such as qualified product locations and unqualified product locations. It can also define virtual locations, For example: lending location, etc. According to the actual situation of your company, the warehouse location can be divided according to the shelves. Different shelves are made into different bar codes, and the bar code labels are pasted on the shelves.

the system provides the account management function, which is equivalent to the account book function. After each transaction of the warehouse is reviewed by the administrator, it is registered into the account, which provides convenience for the management personnel to audit and reconcile accounts

in view of the inconsistency between inventory and physical objects caused by unexpected errors in the warehouse, the system provides the function of reporting excess and loss. The system automatically updates the actual inventory according to the information of reporting excess and loss, and provides the corresponding query function to facilitate the management personnel to understand the information of reporting excess and loss of commodities.

the system provides the personnel management function. The system can make statistics of the work of each custodian in a certain period of time, so as to assess and compare the personnel

4) inventory alarm

by setting the safety stock and minimum stock of the tested products of the automobile wheel hub in the warehouse, the system provides the inventory alarm of the products in the warehouse, and prompts the alarm for the products less than the minimum stock and less than the safety stock

5) inventory analysis

analyze the fund occupation of the warehouse and the fund occupation of each product type in the warehouse

analyze the inventory utilization of the warehouse

the inventory utilization, capital occupation and investment scope of the warehouse in the same period of each year are all acceptable

comparative analysis of warehouse receipt/issue business in each year

comparative analysis of warehouse receipt/issue business of each product type in each year. Because WMS is a real-time system, the server can not work will cause great losses. Jinhuasheng adopts the dual computer hot standby and data backup scheme to ensure the 24-hour work of the server and the security of the data

summary of implementation benefits of Bilin system

the main benefits of Bilin r2e-wms are summarized as follows:

prevent wrong delivery and wrong quantity

improve warehousing efficiency

standardize warehouse operations

establish a finished product quality traceability chain

standardize the sales market, prevent fleeing goods

save accounting processing personnel

make warehouse management transparent, and leaders timely understand inventory information

customer evaluation:

Bilin R2E implementation of e-wms, The benefit is very significant, especially the person in charge of the finished product warehouse is very impressed. It turns out that he is busy receiving goods all day long, sending goods to record downtime, damaged parts, fracture conditions, and registration work. He often makes mistakes, and scores will be deducted in the assessment. Now, except for dealing with some special matters, other routine operations do not need to be bothered

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