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According to the government work report on building a world-class high-end aluminum pillar industry cluster in Binzhou, Shandong Province will extend the aluminum industry chain and build a world-class high-end aluminum base in 2019. "'aluminum 'points out Binzhou's existing advantages, and' high-end 'points out the future development direction." Representative shechunming, Secretary of Binzhou Municipal Party committee, said that focusing on the deep processing of aluminum and further lengthening the industrial chain is an important play for Binzhou to accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy

Binzhou has a good foundation for the development of aluminum industry. With the help of aluminum industry, Binzhou has created a "Zouping speed" for the rapid development of county economy. However, in recent years, the problems of short industrial chain and great development pressure of aluminum enterprises have been gradually exposed. Representative shechunming pointed out that the development of the aluminum industry should extend the basic industrial chain to the downstream and realize the multiplier effect of the value chain by extending, increasing, supplementing and strengthening the chain

in recent years, Binzhou has put the high-end development of aluminum industry in a prominent position, cultivated and expanded industrial clusters, and formed a relatively complete industrial chain from aluminum can be processed into plates of various shapes and sizes and various required thicknesses to aluminum intensive processing. The aluminum industry has gradually developed to high-end and high-quality. At present, Binzhou has gathered more than 60 key aluminum deep-processing enterprises. The product types involve seven major sectors, such as aluminum smelting, aluminum deep-processing, recycled aluminum, and the products cover terminal products, such as aluminum foil, aluminum for transportation, electronic products, auto parts, etc

"aluminum industry is the foundation of Binzhou's development and the advantage of Binzhou." Member zhangzhaohong, chairman of Binzhou CPPCC, believes that traditional industries will also be transformed and upgraded into emerging industries by extending the industrial chain, developing new materials and moving towards the middle and high end of the industrial chain

in the high-end aluminum market, the influence of Binzhou aluminum enterprises is increasing day by day. Weiqiao venture group is the world's first full series 600 kiloampere large anode prebaked electrolyzer, and its overall technical level is internationally leading. Innovation group is the largest aluminum alloy production base in China. Its products are widely used in aviation, transportation, electronics, construction and other fields

however, objectively speaking, the "top heavy" development model with good sample breakpoints and unreasonable proportion of main and by-products in the value chain has not fundamentally changed in most Binzhou aluminum enterprises. Electrolytic aluminum and alumina are still important forms of "Binzhou aluminum". How to withdraw the retreat and force enterprises to transform and upgrade? Zouping listed the timetable. "We plan to use three to five years to complete deep processing on the spot without sending primary processed products out of Zouping." Deputy pitaitian, Secretary of Zouping municipal Party committee, said

resolutely cut with the low-end products of the industrial chain. The courage comes from the huge added value space exposed in the middle and high-end markets of the industrial chain. Pitaitian calculated an account: a ton of aluminum is processed into aluminum rods, with an additional value of 500 yuan; Processed into low-voltage insulated cable, with an additional value of 5000 yuan; Processed into aluminum furniture, the end product of the industrial chain, with an added value of 80000 yuan; If more R & D achievements are integrated into the field of new materials, the added value will increase exponentially

where does the added value of the product come from? The key lies in talents, technology and R & D. At present, the R & D investment intensity of Enterprises above the scale of Binzhou aluminum industry cluster has reached more than 1.2%, and the digital popularization rate and numerical control rate have reached 85%. Zouping aluminum enterprise has established long-term technical cooperation relations with more than 20 famous universities and scientific research institutes such as Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, providing strong talent and technical support for the development of the enterprise. Last year, Zouping aluminum Valley Science and technology innovation complex signed a contract with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to strive to build a national technology transfer demonstration institution and a national maker space, a global aluminum talent technology, a capital core gathering area, and an authoritative publishing platform for global aluminum technology and high-end aluminum products within five years. According to pitaitian, Zouping will continue to increase investment in talent and R & D, and use R & D to promote the upgrading of the aluminum industry

in addition to doing a good job in the industrial chain, we should also draw a blueprint for the development of aluminum industry clusters. A number of Binzhou delegation representatives said that they should attract investors to Binzhou through "double recruitment and double introduction" to truly produce the multiplier effect of agglomeration and cluster. At present, Zouping aluminum deep processing industrial park has gathered more than a dozen domestic well-known aluminum enterprises. It is planned that by 2020, the park will be built into a large aluminum deep processing industrial cluster with more than 20 aluminum deep processing enterprises, aluminum deep processing capacity of more than 2million tons and output value of more than 60billion yuan, and become a provincial and even national demonstration base for deep processing of non-ferrous metals

"Binzhou has advantages and potential to build a high-end aluminum industry. Binzhou's aluminum industry should continue to adhere to high-quality development, but the oscillation in the transportation process is difficult to avoid high product added value, promote the industry to move towards the middle and high end of the value chain, and realize the park, high-end and intensive development of the aluminum industry." She Chunming said

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