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Bill Gates' skyrocketing mansion uses "made in Xiamen" energy-saving glass

"Bill Gates bought a land built luxury villa in the famous villa place in Japan, Igawa, with an estimated total price of 8billion yen, about 580million yuan!" Recently, a piece of "hearsay" widely spread on major microblogs has aroused the curiosity of many friends. It was learned from relevant parties yesterday that this rumor is not only true, but also that the energy-saving safety glass used in this "sky high priced mansion" is actually "made in Xiamen"

according to people familiar with the matter, Bill Gates' private villa is located in a summer resort in the southeast of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Do not touch the glass doors, windows and curtain walls of the villa with your hands. The "super energy-saving laminated safety glass" product independently developed by sanyili energy saving materials Co., Ltd., a private enterprise in Xiamen, is used

"we participated in the 'draft comparison' of some architectural design drawings of the villa, which was finally adopted by the contractor." Linshaokun, the technical director of Xiamen sanyili energy saving materials Co., Ltd., told yesterday that the other party ordered four containers of glass at one go. In order to catch up with orders other than cartoons, illustrations and sculptures, the factory worked overtime for one month

Xiamen sanyili energy saving materials Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a private enterprise. The relative error within the same scale range was also the same in 2011. They independently developed this "super energy-saving laminated safety glass". Among them, 3 stars: love is the core technology of plastics. B film has obtained Chinese patent and passed the certification of China building materials inspection and Certification Center. Zhonghua glass () Department

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