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Binjiang, an enterprise, has developed a business intelligence software "as simple as search"

restricted and required by test conditions and work effectiveness in Zhejiang. On August 4 (ZHAOLEI, Zhejiang) mentioned that artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot field today. It has not only received high attention from the general public, but also has more and more funds. 3 In the course of the experiment, Ben invested in the R & D and layout of this field. But when it comes to business intelligence (BI), there is not much recognition among the public. The concept of business intelligence was first put forward in 1996. It is a complete solution to effectively integrate the existing data in the enterprise, quickly and accurately provide reports and propose decision-making basis, and help enterprises make wise business decisions

among foreign-funded enterprises, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and other companies have more layout in the Bi field, covering almost all fields of business intelligence. Domestic Bi manufacturers have also invested more and more in independent research and development in recent years. Traditional Bi software only supports computer code or English search, while data analysis systems supporting Chinese natural language search are rare

on the afternoon of August 3, Hangzhou Science and technology enterprise huishu Zhitong officially released a business intelligence software - datafocus, which can be "as simple as search" in Binjiang smart e valley. Through the same operation as searching for information on the search engine, it can complete the investigation and analysis of complex data reports and vividly present them in the form of various charts

"at present, almost all the core technologies of Bi are in the hands of developed countries. BI products in the Chinese market generally have problems such as long deployment and waiting time, unable to interact and update in real time, high threshold for use, and poor availability of results." Zhangpurui, chief marketing officer of huishu Zhitong, introduced that for the design of enterprise BI products, it is necessary to standardize and adapt to personalized needs, which is a problem that has not been solved for a long time with the new fatigue testing machine of Jinan Shijin. Through the realization of natural language search, these problems will be solved

Zhang Purui said that after more than three years, the entire R & D team has polished 3000 function points in datafocus software one by one. Based on the independently developed NLP top-level technology, AI deep interaction technology, snowflake model and other patented algorithm technologies, it can bring enterprises a truly efficient, fast and convenient big data analysis and application experience, so as to make business intelligence more intelligent

at the press conference, Qiu yuan, chief product officer of the enterprise, gave a practical demonstration of datafocus software. In a group of complex e-commerce management data, only Chinese search or Chinese related formulas are needed to understand the national sales ranking, category sales comparison, monthly order growth rate and other data of e-commerce products in a few seconds. According to different settings, they can be presented in the form of bar charts, ring charts, block charts and other charts. In the presentation of national sales, Different provinces will have different color depths according to the sales volume, which is very convenient for data collection and analysis, sales and inventory forecasting, so as to optimize supply chain management

"many enterprises now lack a convenient and efficient ability to obtain data. Every intelligent universal material testing machine is an entrepreneur who often meets instruments in mechanical metrology verification, and is transforming to digital management." Wangbibo, CEO of datafocus, said at the press conference that with the continuous growth of data, it is becoming more and more difficult for enterprises to build a data analysis system. The role of good business intelligence software is to assist enterprises in management decisions and reduce the costs of data analysis and management

"nowadays, many people hype the concept of artificial intelligence, but too few people really innovate in the field of artificial intelligence." At the press conference, jinxiaogang, vice president of Hangzhou artificial intelligence association, made a keynote speech on the theme of "the leap of artificial intelligence". He expressed the hope that huishu Zhitong could make intensive efforts in the field of artificial intelligence and business intelligence, and explore business intelligence software more suitable for the actual operation of domestic enterprises

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