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"Big Mac" full face TBM helps drought control project

"Big Mac" full face TBM helps drought control project

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recently, in front of the foam granulator hole of LIULANG tunnel of the drought control project in Central Guangxi, a tunnel boring machine the size of a train appeared. This "big guy" has a length of more than 100 meters. Only the diameter of the drill bit is 6 meters for the impact knife to be installed and fixed with screws. It is a full face tunnel boring machine (TBM) imported from the United States by Letan Construction Management Bureau. At present, it has been mobilized and assembled, and is undergoing equipment commissioning. It will be responsible for the 16 km excavation of LIULANG tunnel

tbm is a relatively advanced tunnel boring machine in the world. It has the advantages of fast tunneling speed, high safety and environmental protection. It can realize the construction of deep buried long tunnels in complex geographical landforms that are difficult to be achieved by traditional drilling and blasting methods. It can cope with high-pressure water inrush and new energy vehicles, and it also shows the explosive growth of mud, karst caves, faults and other major adverse geological problems

TBM commissioning site

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