Decoration loan pretending to repair the truth for

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Bamboo leaf decoration loan, originally a kind of consumer loan, refers to the personal credit loan launched by banks or consumer finance companies for the purpose of family housing decoration. In reality, there have been decoration loans applied by enterprises as the main body, among which there are many behaviors of fake decoration cash out and obtaining loans in disguised form

the main methods are as follows: first, in the context of real estate regulation, some real estate developers package and sell projects, and then the buyer obtains the loan in the name of decoration loan to repay part of the purchase money. For example, some real estate companies sell a comprehensive commercial project to a hotel in the name of decoration, and the latter applies for a loan from the bank in the name of decoration, and then transfers the money back to the developer. In fact, the buyer and the seller can be partners or affiliated companies of a group. Second, some enterprises apply for loans in the name of factory renovation. However, banks often issue working capital loans and mortgage assets such as plants. They pay attention to whether the mortgage is sufficient and whether the risks can be fully covered. They pay less attention to the plan and progress of the project, and do not strictly monitor the flow of funds, which may be misappropriated





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