The toilet can be used safely only after it is ins

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Toilet installation is usually installed by yourself or by a worker after you buy it yourself. Although the toilet installation is simple, it is very important to master the installation method of the toilet. Only when the toilet is installed accurately can people feel relieved to use it

1. Check the levelness between the sewage pipe and the ground

before installing the toilet, comprehensively check the sewage pipe to see whether there is mud, sand, waste paper and other debris blocking in the pipe. At the same time, check whether the ground of the toilet installation position is horizontal in the front, back, left and right. If the ground is uneven, level the ground during installation

2. Determine the center of the drain pipe

turn the toilet over, determine the center on the toilet drain outlet, and draw a cross center line, which should extend to the feet around the bottom of the toilet

3. Fix the toilet

align the cross line on the toilet with the floor drain outlet, install the toilet horizontally, press the seal ring tightly, and install the ground screw and decorative cap

4. Do a good job of bottom sealing

install a special sealing ring on the toilet drain outlet, or apply a circle of glass glue (putty) or cement mortar around, and the ratio of cement to sand is 1:3

5. Install water tank accessories

flush the pipe with water for 3-5 minutes to ensure the cleanness of the water pipe; Then install the angle valve and connecting hose, and then connect the hose with the installed water inlet valve of the water tank fitting and connect the water source according to the

6. Commissioning inspection

check whether the water inlet and sealing of the water inlet valve are normal, check whether the installation position of the drainage valve is flexible, whether there is blockage and leakage, and whether there is missing installation of the filter device of the water inlet valve




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