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Speaking of the wooden door brand ranking, it is an honor for the wooden door industry! Although it is not as competitive as the awards, each wooden door manufacturer should strive to be at the forefront and expand its own brand. Tree life wooden door is an emerging enterprise that has become active in the market in recent years. It is one of the top 30 wooden door brands in China. Friends familiar with tree life know that tree life has been engaged in the wooden door industry for more than ten years, which can be described as a sword sharpened in ten years. After years of precipitation, the original products have been highly praised by the market and consumers. The market share is also expanding rapidly, and now it has covered North China, Northwest China, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other northern provinces and cities, which has caused great repercussions in the industry and is very popular with consumers. It has become a well-known brand in China and one of the top ten wooden doors brands in the country

just like other brand enterprises, every well-known enterprise has its own business card and its own unique personality, which is the enterprise culture. Corporate culture is gradually formed and improved in the long-term operation process, and is a comprehensive reflection of the values, business purposes and moral code of conduct that the majority of employees abide by. We should advocate living in the same industry with health, closely link products with a healthy, fresh and simple lifestyle, and create a "fresh life" lifestyle, which is green, environmentally friendly and worry free. Life in trees is the most desirable world. Imagine, say goodbye to the sources of pollution in the city, breathe freely in nature, and swim comfortably. Advocate the lifestyle of "fresh life", so that you can embrace nature comfortably at home, be in a green environment, and enjoy the fresh air. Comfortable house combines fashion creativity with green environmental protection, which adds a little sentiment to a relaxed and natural life, taking nature and surpassing nature

the growth of tree life is obvious to all. From a small factory at the beginning of its establishment, it has become a medium and high-end integrated home customization company integrating R & D, production and sales. At present, it produces and sells medium and high-end integrated customized furniture, mainly engaged in integrated customized series such as wooden doors, wardrobes, wine cabinets, wallboards, etc. It mainly serves the overall home customization needs of medium and high-end private villas, clubs and personal homes

tree life makes use of its profound advantages to build itself into a comprehensive and professional domestic and industrial strong enterprise integrating production, sales, engineering construction and after-sales, and strives to "create a Chinese famous brand and establish an industry benchmark", "choose tree life wooden doors and enjoy a high-quality life" is the eternal goal pursued by the enterprise

enterprise Honors: China's green building materials products "," national AAA demonstration unit "," national top 30 engineering wooden door enterprises "," China's famous brand "," executive director unit of China Wood Circulation Association "," China wooden door cutting-edge enterprise award ", the" Gold Award for scientific and technological innovation design "and" Tuscany (classic National Park) style deduction Award "issued by the Ninth China International Door Industry Exhibition in cide2010, "2009 wooden door products consumer satisfaction brand"

tree ・ life enterprise philosophy: 1. Brand concept tree ・ life "create a new luxury life" is an interpretation of lifestyle, fashion and use. 2、 Product concept tree ・ with the new positioning of "large house type and atmosphere", life leads a new fashion revolution in the wood door and whole wood private customization industry. 3. The concept of competition "is half a step ahead and enters the non competitive field. "Only fight a value war, not a price war. 4. Price concept, high-end quality, mid-range price. 5. Service concept, we care about your satisfaction! To achieve the highest customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit. 6. Explore marketing concept, input innovation in the breadth of products, markets and marketing mix elements

tree ・ life enterprise purpose:" seek development with science and technology, create benefits with management "is our company's eternal survival philosophy, The company has long adhered to the business purpose of "quality is the life of the enterprise, customers are the source of the enterprise, and reputation is the foundation of the enterprise", constantly improving product quality, achieving the higher goal of first-class enterprise, first-class management, and first-class brand

tree ・ life enterprise mission: develop high-quality, healthy, and environmental friendly bedroom products with advanced design concepts and innovative spirit; It is our responsibility to pursue customer satisfaction and strive to achieve the goal of exceeding customer satisfaction to provide the best service

tree life enterprise team: tree life Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has more than 400 employees. The company implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman, which is divided into production department, administration department, foreign trade department, finance department, design department, R & D department, marketing department, quality inspection department and engineering department. All departments work together to improve

tree life enterprise vision: to become a well-known professional manufacturer of wooden doors. From a long-term perspective, tree life is based on the development and manufacturing of products in the wood door industry; With the concept of sustainable development, integrity and responsibility, and the concept of common growth, we will develop in harmony with the interests of the company; Set an example and continue to innovate

tree life enterprise cooperation: tree life's product sales network is all over the country, and the sound marketing network system of provinces and cities across the country has laid a solid foundation for the development of enterprises. Driven by a sound product system, high-quality product quality and a sound marketing network, we can realize the dual mode of offline stores and online marketing covering the whole country

according to their own strength, tree life puts forward the market development strategy from low to high, from point to area, from now to the future: based in Chongqing, occupy the southwest, go to the country, and enter the world. This paper makes a profound and comprehensive analysis of the door industry market, and believes that with the rapid development of the real estate industry, the demand of Chinese people for doors is increasing day by day, so we must seize the opportunity to develop ourselves. If a company wants to develop production, it can't do without funds. The only way is to rely on its own accumulation, input and output, increase input and output, and keep snowballing. Tree life is in the process of rapid development. Under limited conditions, we should focus on introducing, absorbing, developing and innovating, increasing investment in door technology, equipment and production capacity, constantly enriching product series, gradually forming a self supporting system, constantly enhancing self distribution capacity, and making every effort to reduce product costs, take the road of economies of scale, and create the best economies of scale. When the living conditions are mature, expand to relevant fields, invest in large-scale from a high starting point, reduce operational risks, form a huge aircraft carrier lineup, and supplement the "main industry" with "other industries" to achieve the highest development goals

building life is to seize the commanding height of the market, seize the initiative in the market, and implement the strategy of creating famous brands. Adhere to high-tech and high added value, pay close attention to technology introduction, technological transformation and technological progress, take science and technology as the guide, take contemporary international advanced technology and quality level as the goal, and rely on their own advantages to take the road of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, so as to always maintain a strong competitive situation, constantly promote to the market, and exchange high quality for a good brand. In order to gain more consumer recognition, the brand tree life will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, become a leader in the industry, and achieve the lofty goal of tree life. Tree ・ life, tree says healthy life




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