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Speaking of thin-film panels, many people will feel very strange. In fact, thin-film panels can be seen everywhere in life. In short, thin-film panels are a kind of text trademark, which is mainly used for identification and protection. It can be seen in our families, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other household electrical products, and thin-film panels can also be found in all kinds of industrial understanding

film panel is a commercial and industrial product popular in international commercialization in recent years. Film panel integrates decoration and function, and can be applied to commercial marks and product labels. So what are the precautions for the design of thin film panels

precautions for membrane panel design

1. The shrapnel of the membrane switch bulge button needs to be placed properly, and there can be no offset, otherwise it will affect the operation of the key to failure

2. Color problem: the modulation ratio of ink is the main reason for serious color deviation, and the color requirements are too strict. The color range is too small. These factors are difficult to control in any industry. In terms of the cost control of enterprises, to reach a very small color range, the cost is very high. The cost of products will rise, and the unit price of products will rise accordingly, which is also difficult for customers to accept, so. The range of colors should be within a reasonable range

3. The bulge position of the key needs to be opened to the appropriate position, otherwise it will affect the beauty of the key. The back glue is not sticky. In addition to the selection of raw materials, we should also confirm the shape of the prototype. If the prototype has grooves, you need to choose high-quality viscose. The choice of back glue is appropriate

characteristics of membrane switch

(1) durability

the service life of membrane switch can generally reach more than onemillion times. The reason why it has such a long service life is that the action of the switch is only realized by the vertical bouncing of the elastic membrane. Although the elastic film has undergone millions of times of creep, the creep range is very small, only 0.1~0.3mm (i.e. switching stroke), and the rationality of material selection is far from reaching the yield limit of the film. Therefore, the film material can withstand more than a million times of life without deformation. On the other hand, the contact of the switch is vertical contact, and the wear is very small; The screen printed contact can form a sufficient thickness, and a layer of conductive carbon is printed on the silver paste contact to achieve the purpose of high wear resistance and self lubrication. Therefore, the service life of the membrane switch is more than ten times that of the mechanical contact switch

(2) good sealing performance

as the membrane switch is an integral sealing structure, the contact of the switch is not eroded by harmful gases and is not easy to oxidize; With the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof, it is more suitable for various harsh environments

(3) small volume, light weight and reliable structure

membrane switches can be arranged and combined into a membrane keyboard in design. Its setting density is large, and it is a sealed sheet structure composed of multi-layer membranes. The connecting lines and outgoing lines between all switches are completed at one time by screen printing, with a total thickness of 1~3mm. Therefore, the volume is reduced, the quality is reduced, and the reliability is improved

(4) rich colors and beautiful appearance

membrane switches can embody personalization in the design of color patterns and the comprehensive characteristics of material beauty, decorative beauty and craft beauty in the decorative effect according to the user's design idea

(5) reduce the supporting cost of mechanical and electrical products

traditional mechanical switches need to be welded during installation, even with fixed brackets. The installation of membrane switch is adhesive type. As long as the adhesive paper is removed, it can be firmly pasted on the surface of the whole machine. Its lead outlet is inserted into the socket of the rear circuit of the whole machine, and the circuit can be connected instantly. Save labor and materials, and reduce the supporting cost of the whole machine

materials and characteristics of membrane switch panel

1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is stable to acids, alkalis and salts at room temperature. Good wear resistance, self extinguishing, noise and vibration elimination, good electrical insulation. Poor thermal stability

2. Sand faced polyester (PET) has good drug resistance, is insoluble in general organic solvents, and is not alkali resistant. It has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, rigidity, hardness and the largest strength and toughness among thermoplastics, low water absorption, excellent wear and friction resistance, and high dimensional stability. The tensile strength is comparable to that of aluminum film, which is much higher than that of PC and PVC. Low cost because the surface is difficult to be processed into matte type, textured pet is more expensive, and it is the most ideal substrate for making thin-film switching circuits. Textured pet is suitable for products with high surface requirements or liquid crystal display windows

3. Polycarbonate (PC) has high light transmittance, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, excellent bending, tensile and compressive strength, excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation and atmospheric aging resistance. Poor drug resistance, poor fatigue resistance, easy to produce stress cracking. The output interface terminal circuit is generally made of carbon material printed, and there is no protective coating. It gradually forms a falling off layer by air oxidation, and finally leads to open circuit and end of service life. This is the place where the membrane switch is most prone to failure, which is mainly determined by the environment. Whether it is used or not, the physical damage time is 3-10 years. Generally, it has the widest range of application. In addition to meeting the requirements of most membrane switch panels, the high light transmittance of glossy PC can also meet the requirements of LCD windows

summary: the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the precautions and characteristics of membrane panel design. I hope it can effectively help you; If you have any good suggestions, look forward to communicating with Xiaobian. Please pay attention to more information





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