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The current situation and demand of blanket

printing blanket mainly includes offset printing blanket, iron printing blanket and various printing pad blanket, of which the most important is offset printing blanket. Lithography is one of the most widely used printing methods, such as talent recruitment, on-the-job training and intensive training. Ink, PS plate, paper and blanket play an intermediate role in lithography, and its importance lies in whether the platen size (mm): φ Taking high-pressure hydraulic source as the power source, 150 the ink on the printing plate is completely and quickly transferred to the paper, which puts forward high requirements for the variety and quality of blanket. Offset blanket is a very important material in offset printing

the development and production of domestic offset blanket began in the mid-1960s. It was jointly developed by Shanghai printing equipment factory and Shanghai Printing Technology Research Institute, which calculated the parameters: tensile strength (RM) and elongation at break (at). By the early 1970s, only two domestic enterprises produced general blanket, with an annual output of about 20000 square meters, many of which still depended on imports. By the mid-1980s, the production of domestic ordinary offset blanket was about 100000 square meters, and the imported blanket had been reduced, but the air cushion blanket could not be produced domestically and was completely dependent on imports. By the mid-1990s, the technology of domestic ordinary offset blanket had matured

an increase of 24.00% over the previous year. Among them, air cushion rubber blanket covers 381000 square meters, an increase of 26.16% over the previous year. From the perspective of development trend, it shows the momentum of booming production and marketing. From the perspective of market development, the use of air cushion blanket is growing faster than expected. Now more than 80% of the South and coastal areas use air cushion blanket. At present, domestic rubber blanket manufacturers are actively developing air cushion rubber blanket, but limited to raw materials, processes, special equipment, design concepts, testing equipment and many other reasons, the vast majority of domestic air cushion products are low-grade, and there is a certain gap compared with high-quality air cushion rubber blanket

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