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Construction status and Development Countermeasures of pulp raw material forest base in China (II)

2.2.4 Jiangsu Province starts planning the forest paper integration project

Jiangsu Xinda paper industry "Relying on the school of energy and power engineering of South Shandong University, Haien power company has established a research and development center in Yucheng. Taking full advantage of the development advantages of fast-growing poplar in Northern Jiangsu, it actively implements the forest pulp paper integration project, plans to build an annual output of 200000 tons of APMP pulp and offset book paper project, and builds 13300 hectares of pulp raw material forest by stages and batches. The total investment of the project is 242917000 yuan. After the completion of the project, the production scale of Xinda group can reach an annual output of 350000 tons.

Shuangdeng Paper Co., Ltd. uses the existing poplar resources and coastal beaches in Yancheng City and surrounding areas to build 40000 hectares of fast-growing poplar forest base in batches, with an annual output of 200000 tons of BCTMP pulp and 100000 tons of high-grade toilet paper and commercial wood pulp

Jinhe Paper Co., Ltd. cooperates with the forestry department to build 50000 hectares of poplar forest base. The construction site is mainly in Northern Jiangsu, including Yancheng, Huai'an and Yangzhou, Tai'an, Liuhe and Jiangpu in Nanjing to the south

Jindong paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has built a poplar fast-growing forest base of 40000 hectares, and expanded an annual output of 200000 tons of BCTMP wood pulp to support the production of the enterprise

the Yancheng Municipal Government of Jiangsu Province and the Indonesian golden light group signed an agreement on the cooperative development of the integrated project of forest, pulp, paper and paperboard, which mainly includes 41700 hectares of forestry base, 200000 tons of ground wood pulp and 300000 ~ 500000 tons of cultural paper, as well as the comprehensive utilization project of wood, of which 41700 hectares of forestry base will involve Dongtai, Dafeng, Sheyang, Binhai, Xiangshui and other counties (cities) in the region. After signing the contract, the project will be carried out in two steps. Before 2004, we will mainly focus on the construction of forestry bases, build factories in 2005 and put into operation at the end of 2006

2.3 the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River

are located in the warm temperate climate zone of China, including the Yellow River Basin in Hebei, Shandong, Henan and Shanxi provinces and the central Hebei, Southern Hebei, western Shandong and Eastern Henan regions in the Huaihe River Basin. Poplar trees with short rotation period can be developed in this area, and a certain scale of fast-growing forest base can be developed appropriately

2.3.1 Shandong Province has good prospects for developing paper-making fast-growing poplar

there are many large paper-making enterprises in Shandong Province, which need a large amount of wood pulp in the future, so we must speed up the development of fast-growing and high-yield forests. Shandong plain area is suitable for planting fast-growing poplar, which has good conditions and development potential. Taiyang Paper Group and Quanlin paper group have established science and Technology Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Beijing Forestry University. Relying on the technology of an expert group led by Zhu Zhiti, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and a professor of Beijing Forestry University, the company has carried out experimental research on Populus euphratica, and has done a lot of work in seedling raising, cultivation, afforestation, scientific and technological development, promotion and application, and achieved remarkable results

relying on the inherent advantages of having a good foundation for forestry production in Yanzhou City, the sun paper company has accelerated the development of Triploid Populus tomentosa with high standards and quality of farmland forest and gardening construction of township villagers. At present, the situation of seedling raising and afforestation of Populus tomentosa is satisfactory. 320 hectares of seedling raising area and nearly 3300 hectares of afforestation have been completed, including 2000 hectares in Yanzhou City and 13000 hectares in Jining, Wenshang, Jiaxiang, Zoucheng and other counties and cities. Sun Paper Group plans to spend 5 to 10 years to develop 670 hectares of seedling base, 13300 hectares of afforestation in Yanzhou, and 66700 hectares of radiation in Jining City and other regions. At the same time, it will build a 300000 ton pulping project to form a one-stop operation and integrated management of seedling cultivation, afforestation, pulping, papermaking and scientific research

Quanlin paper group received the machine printed invoice as early as 2 when the remittance could be reported in advance. In 2000, it established the forestry department, officially launched the forestry paper integration project, merged the County farms and county forest farms, and established the largest triploid Populus tomentosa nursery in China. Quanlin Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2001. As a demonstration project of Forest Pulp paper integration in Shandong Province, the Quanlin forest paper integration project has a construction scale of 40000 hectares of Populus tomentosa paper forest base and 300000 tons of APMP pulp production line, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan. Obtain the test results and data of elongation, elongation, stress, strain, etc. by the end of 2002, nearly 10000 farmers in 10 counties in Northwest Shandong have signed forest planting contracts, and 6700 hectares of planting area has been completed. At the same time, we are actively expanding the promotion work in surrounding provinces, counties and cities. The first phase of the project will build 40000 hectares of paper forest by 2010, and the second phase of the project will complete 80000 hectares of paper forest by 2015. According to a five-year rotation period, 30000 hectares can meet the pulping needs of the enterprise itself

in order to implement the spirit of the instructions made by former premier Zhu Rongji during his inspection of the Yellow River Estuary on using the Yellow River to silt up the land into the sea to develop fast-growing forests, and on-site construction of scale effective and environmental friendly pulp mills, Huatai Group is accelerating afforestation. By 2005, it will build 40000 hectares of fast-growing forests and 300000 tons of APMP pulp mills in the city by using forestable wasteland and returning farmland to forest land, with a total planned investment of 1.45 billion yuan. The 40000 hectare fast-growing forest base involves five counties, urban areas and the Yellow River Authority. It is dominated by the excellent strains of Triploid Populus tomentosa. At the same time, European and American poplar (107, 108) and Turkish poplar are appropriately planted, and Zhonglin 2001, shanha poplar and other excellent varieties are used as paper forest test varieties. Huatai papermaking raw material forest base has been included in the "national master plan for fast-growing and high-yield forest construction project" formulated by the State Forestry Administration and the "Shandong provincial construction principle plan for the Green Corridor project along the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River" formulated by the Shandong Provincial Forestry Department. The forestry base has been listed as a forestry sand control discount loan project in 2003 by the State Forestry Administration and the provincial forestry department. Dongying Municipal Party committee and government issued the "implementation plan of paper forest pilot project", and formulated a series of preferential policies in terms of financial support, land coordination, tax collection and so on. Huatai Group established a forestry company, which is specially responsible for the development, construction and management of the paper forest base. At the same time, by taking measures such as providing high-quality seedlings to the partners, prepaying part of the funds every year, promising the lowest protection price and full purchase of the timber produced by the partners, Huatai Group actively encouraged afforestation, and worked hard to develop "order forestry". By the mode of self-supporting, joint venture and directional development, by April 2003, 13300 hectares of afforestation have been completed. The total planned construction area of the pulp forest base of Huatai Group will reach 200000 hectares by 2010

in order to implement the forest paper integration strategy, Shandong Chenming Paper Group proposes to build 133300 hectares of pulp forest bases in Shouguang and Qihe respectively by 2010. At the same time, relying on Jilin Chenming Yasong branch, it will build a fast-growing forest base of more than 100000 hectares in the north, and relying on Chenming Hanyang in the south of the Yangtze River, it will give play to its climatic and geographical advantages to build 3-4 133300 hectares of pulp forest bases in Hubei, Jiangxi and other places, The pulp and paper forest area of the whole group will reach 666700 ~ 800000 hectares, and the production capacity of wood pulp fiber matched with it will reach 1.8 ~ 2 million tons/year. In addition, through mergers and acquisitions of other pulp enterprises, the total production of wood pulp fiber of the whole group has reached a production scale of more than 3million tons, and the proportion of wood pulp fiber in papermaking raw materials has reached more than 60%

before 2005, Chenming Paper Group was speeding up the construction of a pulp raw material forest base of 66700 hectares, and used more than 200 hectares of excellent Fast-growing Poplar Nursery Garden of Tianyuan company and qingshuibo farm to provide farmers with high-quality seedlings. It signed a package purchase contract with farmers at the minimum protection price of 400 yuan per cubic meter of wood and 160 yuan per ton of branch wood, and took supporting measures such as selling seedlings on credit and prepaying 100 yuan per mu of development funds every year, Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the broad masses. By the end of 2000, the company had signed contracts with farmers in Qingdao, Yantai, Dezhou and other places, with a planting area of 40000 hectares of fast-growing forest land, including 6700 hectares in Shouguang. Planting fast-growing poplar nearby not only has less investment, quick effect, but also has no risk. The annual scheduled income per mu of land is about 800 yuan, which is much higher than planting other crops. The combination of forestry and paper is conducive to the development of enterprises and also increases the income of farmers, Kill more with one stone

Beijing guozong investment company has built 133300 hectares of fast-growing and high-yield forests in Heze, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. It is a timber forest industrial base with insect resistant 741 poplar as the main tree species

in the first half of 2003, Shandong Province planted 325300 hectares, of which 82700 hectares were planted by paper companies such as Huatai, Quanlin and Chenming. Most of the afforestation modes are to sign contracts with farmers first, implement contract planting, advance deposit and purchase at protective price, which not only ensures the recent income of forest farmers, but also solves the worries of wood sales, and makes the forest land truly become the first workshop of enterprises, ensuring the supply of raw materials for enterprises, It has created conditions for the sustainable development of the paper industry. According to the Forestry Department of Shandong Province, in the first half of 2003, the province's non-public afforestation reached 257300 hectares, including 193300 hectares of individual afforestation, 54000 hectares of private enterprise afforestation, 10000 hectares of foreign-funded enterprises afforestation, and 193300 hectares of fast-growing and high-yield forests, becoming the protagonist, of which 161 are concentrated and contiguous over 1000 mu, with an area of 36700 hectares. At present, Rizhao Senbo pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., Linqing Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd., Haiwang Paper Group, Hongda Paper Group, etc. are all accelerating the construction of pulp forest bases

2.3.2 Henan Province is speeding up afforestation in order to develop the paper industry.

the Henan provincial government decided to designate Jiaozuo, Puyang, Xinxiang and Xinyang as the planting bases of fast-growing poplar. Jiaozuo and Puyang forestry paper integration construction project has been approved by the State Forestry Administration. Since 2000, Jiaozuo Ruifeng forest paper company plans to invest 311 million yuan in five years to build a 26700 hectare fast-growing raw material forest base, and build a production line with an annual output of 200000 tons of poplar APMP pulp and 200000 tons of paper. By 2002, more than 100million yuan has been invested in the construction of paper forest base, with an afforestation area of 17300 hectares. The construction scale of Puyang forest paper integration project is to produce 300000 tons of poplar APMP pulp per year, and the supporting construction of paper forest base is 40000 hectares, with an investment of 233 million yuan. There are also 40000 hectares of poplar forest base of Xinyang Jinlun Paper Co., Ltd. and 20000 hectares of poplar forest base of Xinxiang pulp and paper company As the yield of materials is not obvious, the wood forest base is speeding up the implementation. The parties concerned believe that the natural conditions such as climate and soil in Henan Province are very suitable for poplar growth, and the people have many years of experience in planting poplar. The construction of the forest paper integration project is of great significance for the development of forestry and paper industry in Henan Province, increasing local forest vegetation, improving the ecological environment in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and promoting local economic development

2.3.3 Shanxi Province is the first to plant and promote triploid Populus tomentosa in the country.

Shanxi is located in the Loess Plateau and the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Its ecological location is very important. In recent years, forest paper has developed rapidly. The forest paper project in Shanxi Province was started in 1997. The provincial forestry department established Jiufa Populus tomentosa forest paper Development Co., Ltd. and officially launched the construction of a million mu pulp forest base in 1998, Up to now, 26 excellent varieties such as triploid Populus tomentosa and 84K have been introduced and popularized in the plains south of Taiyuan, with an afforestation area of more than 20000 hectares and a timber volume of more than 1 million cubic meters. In 2002, the provincial government included the project in the "1311" production adjustment plan. As a leading project in the province, the technical transformation project of Xiangfen Paper Group has been approved by the State Planning Commission. Xiangfen paper industry group took the lead in successfully developing high-grade printing paper with Populus tomentosa in China, and has rich experience in the cultivation of fast-growing poplar. By the end of 2002, the afforestation area

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