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The assets under robot management are expected to reach $2.2 trillion in 2020

Abstract: on February 15, 2017, Singapore - the private banking department of Standard Chartered Bank and the economist think tank jointly launched a series of research reports with the theme of "breakthroughs in a better life", The report looks forward to the great changes that "robot investment consultant 2. Electronic universal testing machine selects crescent shaped samples: crescent shaped samples are cut in advance" and "green investment" will bring to the investment mode of high net worth people

robot assets under management are expected to reach $2.2 trillion in 2020.

Gareth Nicholson, executive editor of the economist think tank Asia, said: "it is not easy to understand the most cutting-edge innovations in these fields, but high net worth people are interested and able to experience the future before these technologies become mainstream trends."

Alexis calla, global head of investment strategy and consulting at Standard Chartered Bank, said: "High net worth people in the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region, pay special attention to the potential impact of their investment on society, and hope to make the whole society benefit through investment. We predict that by 2020, the total scale of green investment will rise from the current US $77 billion to US $300-400 billion. With the increasing demand for financial technology and green investment in emerging markets, we can welcome your call and support in Asia! Networks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East provide customers with professional services and solutions. "

Electromechanical is the soul of all components

green investment, that is, sustainable, negative sustainable, responsible and impact, Sri, investment, that is, investment that takes into account environmental, social and governance standards in addition to returns. The report believes that a new generation of high net worth investors with more idealism and social participation will become the backbone of green investment. The report cites the research of the Oppenheimer foundation on the ultra-high net worth millennials, and points out that nearly 91% of the respondents believe that sustainability is an important or very important investment standard, and they are also concerned about the impact of investment on education, water resources, environment and human rights

in addition, the global venture capital in the field of financial technology continues to rise. According to the research of McKinsey & company, the amount of venture capital flowing into this field in 2014 has climbed to more than $12billion, an increase of 205% over 2013. Through big data analysis, in-depth interpretation of various information, combined with platform and robot consulting (automated, low-cost, investment consulting services usually accessed through Internet or intelligence), can provide unprecedented knowledge and decision-making ability for individual investors,

and is having a far-reaching impact on traditional asset management. The report cites the prediction of A.T. Kearney, a management consulting company, that in the United States, where this unit has ideal working characteristics, the total assets under the management of industrial robot consulting are expected to reach $2.2 trillion in 2020

Liang Dawei, managing director of Standard Chartered China wealth management department, analyzed: "Intelligent investment advisers that combine AI and big data are the general direction of future financial development. Our research also found that the information integration and analysis of big data and ai not only takes less time, but also is more accurate, which helps to build a better portfolio. Standard Chartered Bank will invest no less than US $250million in the next few years to build an intelligent wealth management and trading platform, hoping to bring new wealth to customers Manage the experience. "

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