The hottest robot parking garage appears in Nanjin

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The best robot parking garage appears in Nanjing and is expected to be put into operation after the year.

on January 8, 2017, the world's first robot parking garage located at the Confucius Temple Station of Nanjing subway has been basically completed. After that, it will appear in front of the public like a magic through time and space into the final testing stage. It is expected to be put into operation after the year

picture source: Jiangsu, China

according to the introduction, the intelligent parking garage adopts the laser navigation + comb exchange developed by Shenzhen Yifeng robot company. When the oil volume of the tension machine is lower than a certain value, the car handling AGV robot, the owner only needs to park the vehicle at the entrance and exit, and then he can leave. The vehicle enters the ground through the elevator, and the robot will pick up the vehicle and carry it to the empty parking space. Using this robot to park, it only takes 2 ~ 3 minutes to pick up the car, and you can also make an appointment. Taking LG chemistry as an example, one click navigation to find a car can save more than 40% of the parking space in the traditional parking lot

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picture source: Vision China

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