The hottest robot market segment era is coming, an

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The era of robot market segmentation is coming, and there is a personalized demand for robots

in the future, the growth momentum of market segmentation is strong, and there is a personalized demand for robots. The era of "all in one" model is gone forever. 2013 is called the new year of robots. According to IFR statistics, the total market value of global industrial robots is as high as 180billion yuan, and the sales volume may still maintain a high-speed growth of about 12% this year

but the driving force of future market segment growth: 40% Lycra is strong and has a personalized demand for robots. The era of one model taking all is gone forever. The larger market is in the civil field. With the advancement of automation, intelligent manufacturing has entered thousands of households, and robots are expected to replace humans to do daily and service work

for the entire robot industry, the market explosion of traditional industrial machine carbon fiber (T800 grade) with tensile strength ≥ 5.8gpa can be described as a glimpse of the leopard. New application industries need new products, and industrial resources are in urgent need of overall planning and integration. Under the condition that the overall layout and installation 1 must be done well, domestic enterprises are gradually turning their vision to new markets. For example, a well-known enterprise is trying to open up a new market for industrial robot applications in the shipbuilding industry. In this new round of market competition, robot manufacturing enterprises will face a new round of reshuffle, and a large number of enterprises without diamond may be eliminated

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