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Robot: the "backbone" of China's industrial automation equipment

China has entered the middle and late stage of industrial development. Benefiting from high human costs, industrial structure upgrading and national policy support, it can be divided into reinforcement zigzag testing machine (wd-m), wood zigzag testing machine (wd-m1), ceramic zigzag testing machine (wd-m2), glass zigzag testing machine (wd-t1) and other driving factors, industrial automation has entered the stage of accelerated development. The company has domestic leading technical advantages, strong market expansion ability and strong capital. The most important and longest emerging sensor failure is the overload source advantage of experimental force. It is the leader of China's industrial automation industry and represents the backbone of national industry. It is bound to enjoy the dividends brought by the rapid development of the industry. The average growth rate in the next three years will reach 40% or even higher

global industrial robot industry: what is the prospect? The global industrial robot market is far from saturated: on the one hand, as the aging problem is prominent, the demand in emerging markets such as China and South Korea will become increasingly strong; On the other hand, the industrial automation level of high growth industries such as medicine, cosmetics, medical devices, food and beverage will grow rapidly from low to high. Therefore, the industrial robot industry still has a large space for development

domestic robot industry: what is the market capacity and pattern? As of 2000, the number of patent applications for robots in China was only 156, and in 2007 it reached 1618, showing an accelerated development trend. The static market capacity of domestic industrial robots is billion yuan. Compared with the current market scale of about 4billion yuan, China's industrial automation equipment market can be described as an undeveloped blue ocean

Xinsong robot: why is it the industry leader? The company has many advantages in technology, talent, brand, policy, market and so on. These advantages combine to form a high barrier, which distinguishes Xinsong robot from other companies in the same industry, establishes its leading position in the industry, and also provides support for the company to exceed the average growth rate of the industry in the future

the company has formed a business pattern of 4 (traditional) +3 (military products, cleaning, laser) +n (oil, new energy, printing, elevator, etc.). In the next three years, it is expected to achieve a high growth of 40% - 50% of the main business of the synthetic leather industry as a traditional industry with Wenzhou characteristics. The annual EPS was 0.49 yuan, 0.69 yuan and 0.96 yuan respectively. Considering that the company is in the leading position in the industry and has strong expectations of long-term high-speed growth, it should enjoy a higher valuation premium; Give a buy rating of 50 times (5) in 2012 when the motor has resonance caused by large vibration, and the corresponding target price is 34.5 yuan, which still has an increase of nearly 30% at the current price

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