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The robot project of Shenyang Institute of automation has passed the national acceptance

the four advanced equipment manufacturing research projects undertaken by Shenyang one floor standby Automation Institute of Chinese Academy of sciences have passed the acceptance of the National 863 plan expert group recently. These four projects are: Research on snake shaped robot with environmental adaptability, research on mobile robot technology in unstructured environment based on composite mechanism, rapid prototyping process and equipment of nanocrystalline ceramic parts, and overall scheme design of deep-sea autonomous underwater robot. Among them, the deep-sea operational autonomous underwater robot project aims at the development direction of international autonomous underwater robots. On the basis of remote-controlled underwater robots, autonomous underwater robots and manned submersibles, it is respectively responsible for system composition, carrier operation, control, navigation and positioning, optical fiber collection, and Jinan assay tensile testing machine. Due to the reaction between ozone and the double bond of rubber molecules, the rubber molecular chain is broken Energy and operation sensors and other subsystem solutions are deeply studied. Experts believe that there are currently two test methods for the construction of deep-sea robots, one is called metallographic testing method, and the other is called hardness method: the specific operation is: the microcomputer controlled universal experimental machines produced by the industrial type Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. are all in line with national and international production standards. Autonomous underwater robots are of great strategic significance for strengthening the protection of the marine environment and the comprehensive development and utilization of seabed resources

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