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ABB Robot enters the system fault state when starting up. How should we deal with it


1 Restart the robot once

2. If not, check whether there is a more detailed alarm prompt on the teaching pendant and deal with it

3. Restart

4. If it cannot be released, try to start B

5. If not, try P startup

6. If not, please try I startup (this will return the robot to the factory setting state, be careful)

under what circumstances is it necessary to back up the robot


1 The new machine has just been powered on

2. Before making any changes

3. After completing the modification

4. If robots are important, once a week on a regular basis

5. It's better to back up the U disk

6. Too old backups are deleted regularly to free up hard disk space

Guizhou robot maintenance cost-effective

can robot backup be shared by multiple robots


no, for example, the backup of robot a can only be used for robot a, not for robot B or C, because it will cause system failure

what files can be shared in robot backup


if two robots are of the same model and configuration. Then you can share the rapid program and EIO file, but after sharing, you need to verify it before it can be used normally. What does the robot mean by the alarm prompt message 10106 maintenance time reminder


this is the ABB Robot intelligent periodic maintenance reminder

what is the robot mechanical origin? Where is the mechanical origin


the six servo motors of the robot have a fixed mechanical origin. Setting the mechanical origin of the robot incorrectly will cause problems such as limited action or misoperation of the robot, inability to walk in a straight line, and serious damage to the robot

Suqian robot maintenance recommendation

how to customize the speed of robot trajectory movement in rapid program


1 Select program data in the main menu of the teaching pendant

2. After finding the data type speeddata, click new

3. Click the initial value, and the meanings of the four speeddata variables are: v_ TCP represents the linear running speed of the robot, V_ Rot represents the rotating speed of the robot, V_ Leax represents the linear running speed of the external axis, V_ Reax indicates the rotation speed of the external shaft. If the domestic 3-yuan material market reaches 7.98 billion yuan, the latter two do not need to be modified. 1 Product specification: hy ⑴ 080

4. The customized data can be called in the rapid program

abb industrial robot routine maintenance methods

1 brake inspection

before normal operation, it is necessary to check the motor brake of each axis. The motor brake inspection methods are as follows:

(1) run the axis of each manipulator to its heavy load position

(2) turn the motor mode selection switch on the robot controller to the motor off position

(3) check whether the shaft is in its original position. If the manipulator is scratched after the motor is turned off, grind it with a fine oilstone and still maintain its position, indicating that the brake is good

abb robot circuit board maintenance, the type area between the drain and the source includes and a zone channel formed in this area, which is called sub channel area. The region on the other side of the drain region is called the drain injection region, which is a unique functional region. Together with the drain region and sub channel region, it forms a bipolar transistor, which acts as an emitter, injects holes into the drain, and conducts conductive modulation to reduce the on state voltage of the device. The electrode attached to the drain injection area is called a drain. The switching function of is to form a channel by adding the forward gate voltage, which provides the base current to the transistor and turns it on. On the contrary, add the reverse gate voltage to eliminate the channel, cut off the current base current and turn it off. The driving method is basically the same as. Only one channel of the input pole needs to be controlled, so it has high input impedance characteristics. When the channel of is formed. Flexible installation. However, this method also has some disadvantages that cannot be ignored, such as temperature drift. Low anti-interference ability. The installation distance of potentiometer is limited. Therefore, this method is generally used in occasions with low speed regulation accuracy, small surrounding interference and small environmental temperature change

abb robot circuit board maintenance solution: the control card software engineer will advance the direction signal. Or the driver Application Technician changes the pulse edge counting mode. During the movement, the motor vibrates at the fixed point, and it can operate normally after passing the point, but it needs to walk a little less. Possible cause: cause analysis of mechanical assembly problem: the mechanical structure has large resistance at a certain point. As long as some parts of the control act normally, you should not doubt the program. If the operation program is confirmed to have output through diagnosis, but the physical interface of does not have output, it is a hardware interface circuit fault. Hardware failures are more than software failures. For example, when the program executes the coolant on, but the machine tool does not have this action, most of them are caused by the dissatisfaction of external signals, or the failure of executive components, rather than the failure of interface signals. Therefore, most of the relevant faults during maintenance are interface signal faults and the ideas and methods of relevant fault detection: diagnose faults according to the fault number, diagnose faults according to the action sequence, diagnose faults according to the working principle of the control object, diagnose faults according to the state diagnosis, and diagnose faults through the ladder diagram; Dynamic * * ladder diagnosis fault

Zhejiang robot maintenance price

Guizhou robot maintenance has a high cost performance ratio

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