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Printing is connected to the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measuring device through a series of transmission mechanisms. The competitive status and development analysis of the printing ink on the circuit board

national brands, imported brands, together with dealers, agents, and points of sale, have formed an unprecedented sales network. With the emergence of supply exceeding demand, the PCB market, like other industries, has also started a price war of cannibalism. At the end of 2003, The ink cost 60 ~ 70 yuan/kg. The downward trend of price in the sales war of several years

it is not too much to describe the competition in the PCB ink market with a sales war. The prelude to the war began as early as 2000 and has continued to this day. After a large number of national brands poured into the market in 1998 and the number of imported brands increased sharply, the number of brands of photo imaging anti-corrosion and anti electroplating inks and photo imaging anti welding inks participating in the war had increased to 54 and 50 by the end of 2004, according to my incomplete statistics

now, although the price war of ink continues, in recent years, with the rising price of ink raw materials, the price war has come to an end. Ink manufacturers are working hard to change the situation of price war, and make efforts in the service quality and equipment flow range of 15 ~ 140 g/s, especially technical services

pcb ink industry is an industry with high-tech threshold, which involves coating and ink manufacturing technology, ultra-fine powder application technology, UV curing technology, lithography technology, etc. Some products must have high temperature welding resistance above 280 ℃; 25 micron line processing accuracy performance; Resistance to electroless nickel, gold and tin plating; Electrical insulation performance above 1011 ohm; Resistance to high voltage breakdown above 20kV; Highly sensitive to ultraviolet light

at the beginning of the development of the industry, the basic chemical raw materials were relatively backward, and most of the raw materials had to be imported, which did not meet the research and development conditions. In recent years, China's national brands of PCB inks have been like the spring after the rain. According to the data of China printed circuit board industry association, in 2006, there were about 50 domestic brands of PCB inks

in recent oneortwo years, PCB ink has become increasingly active on Huicong trading platform. It can be seen from the Huicong trading market that in the first two months of today, the supply and demand trend of PCB ink is the same as predicted. Due to the Spring Festival, February is significantly lower than January, which is probably the case every year. The past has become a fact. What is important is the analysis of supply and demand after February

safety and environmental protection of ink

pcb ink requires low toxicity, odorless, safe and environmental protection

the viscosity has a great relationship with the smoothness of silk screen printing Therefore, in PCB ink technical documents and QC reports, the viscosity is clearly marked, indicating under what conditions, what type of viscosity testing instrument to use, etc In the actual printing process, if the ink viscosity is high, it will cause printing leakage difficulties and serious jagged edges. In order to improve the printing effect, diluent will be added to make the viscosity meet the requirements However, it is not difficult to find that in many cases, in order to obtain the ideal resolution (resolution), no matter what viscosity you use, it can never be achieved Why? After in - depth study, it was found that ink viscosity is an important factor, but not the only one There is another quite important factor thixotropy It also affects the printing accuracy

environmental protection and future of PCB inks

ink manufacturers should first choose low toxic solvents to manufacture inks, so as to reduce environmental pollution and harm to operators, such as alkanes, alcohols or turpentine, fibrinolytic agents, etc

according to international practice, a warning should be marked on the label of the package, stating the name of the solvent, the safety precautions to be taken during the operation of this ink, and the emergency treatment methods

strive to develop non-toxic solvents

the continuous development of China's economy and the improvement of living standards require a fresh environment. The development of non-toxic solvents is imminent. China's ink manufacturers and experts are tackling key problems and developing non-toxic solvents in different forms and in multiple directions. The non-toxic solvent developed by some experts has begun to enter the trial stage, and it is believed that it can be quickly promoted in the ink industry in the future

pcb ink war harvest

① make China and the international ink market have a close connection. At the 2004 CPCA exhibition, we saw ink buyers from many countries reach out to China, which shows that China's PCB ink also occupies a certain share in the international market

② PCB manufacturers have obtained more substantial benefits, increased the opportunity to choose varieties, reduced production costs, and broadened technical vision

③ the ink manufacturers have further established the concept of market economy, trained their salespersons free of charge, and made preparations for their products to enter the international market

④ improve the manufacturing technology of PCB ink in China, drive the improvement of related technologies and the development of related products, and lay a solid foundation for the development of PCB industry towards higher goals

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