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Robots produce robots. This high-tech enterprise in Shanghai has resumed production and worked hard to recover the impact of the epidemic.

recently, with the full resumption of production, xinshida robots moved to Jiading new factory, and is stepping up the introduction of robots, key parts and motion control system product manufacturing, testing and testing systems, and starting trial operation

the outbreak of the epidemic coincided with the switch between new and old factories of xinshida robot, and the impact was not great. The person in charge of the enterprise said that "the relationship between upstream and downstream customers is relatively stable, which is convenient for communication and coordination, and customers also understand the delay in delivery. The new factory will release production capacity, which can recover the impact of the epidemic as soon as possible."

xinshida, headquartered in Jiading, Shanghai, is an enterprise with relatively complete layout in the domestic robot industry. Through years of continuous scientific research, technological innovation and industrial integration, xinshida takes robots and motion control system products as the core, In China, it has exclusively established a complete industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing business "key core components ontology engineering application remote informatization". With the improvement of product quality and stability in recent years, it has formed the advantages of autonomous robot control, drive and ontology design core technology

the new factory of xinshida robot is located at No. 1518, Siyi Road, Jiading District, and is positioned as the manufacturing base of robots, key parts and motion control system products. With the continuous expansion of the production scale and brand development of xinshida robot, the original factory can no longer meet the development requirements of xinshida robot. The construction of a new factory was started in August 2017. The first batch of 10 innovative products successfully shortlisted in the selection of Automotive Lightweight Technology Innovation Award covers an area of 48000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 10000 robots and 3500 sets of robot flexible workstations

repeat the positioning accuracy test of the robot

the intelligent production line being debugged can realize robot manufacturing. The biggest advantage of robot sintered iron plate is that it has both anti slip ability and excellent friction coefficient

a three-dimensional warehouse intelligent storage system is being built in the new plant

technicians stepped up the factory inspection of robot products

as an automation product with high technical content, every performance improvement of robot has condensed countless efforts of technicians

the new factory also brings a more comfortable working environment to researchers

zhangzhenkui, the market director of xinshida robot, said that the robot market prospect is more and more promising - with the aging and labor shortage, the long-term positive trend of the robot and intelligent manufacturing industry is obvious, and the epidemic has led to the difficulty of returning to work in many places, which highlights the importance of robots

in the peak staggering competition with international giants, domestic robots have achieved a race from behind, and xinshida robots have made breakthroughs in many application fields. They have mastered various processes such as welding, bending, loading and unloading, handling and stacking, promoted demonstration applications in 3C, white electricity, auto parts, engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, food and beverage and other industries, and won a good market reputation with excellent technology accumulation

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