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In short, AI robots mainly refer to the use of information technology to make robots have human intelligence, so that robots can learn knowledge and master advanced technology. In recent years, with the further optimization of intelligent manufacturing policy environment, the development of artificial intelligence robots has entered the fast lane

specifically, industrial robots, educational robots, packaging robots, household robots and other markets are booming day by day. With the change of consumers' lifestyle and the increasingly mature technology of intellectualization and automation, the robot market is blooming everywhere and developing rapidly

industrial robots are the most representative equipment in intelligent manufacturing industry, and the market development space is very huge. On December 12, 2018, the China robot industry alliance released data at the 2018 China robot industry development conference. Since 2018, the sales of domestic industrial robots have continued to grow. In the first half of the year, 22304 sets were sold, an increase of 22.4% over the previous year. The overall sales rose steadily

in the future, with the rise of labor costs in China, the demographic dividend will gradually disappear, the production mode will change to intelligent and fine, a new manufacturing system is imminent, and the demand for industrial robots will increase significantly

and it has high requirements for the stability of rotating speed. With the continuous development of gem layer used in building exterior walls in the packaging industry, higher requirements are put forward for the development of packaging machine equipment. Industry enterprises are always looking for new production methods to meet the new requirements of green, safe, intelligent and efficient development of the industry

in this context, packaging robots came into being, and ushered in rapid popularization and development in the process of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Nowadays, it is widely used in packaging production lines such as food, chemical industry, medicine, grain, feed, building materials and logistics. At present, the development of China's packaging robot market has begun to take shape. It is estimated that the domestic packaging robot market will reach US $3billion by 2020

with the wave of intelligence sweeping, the education industry has also ushered in great changes. Relying on artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and other technologies, and intelligent robots as the main tools, traditional education is accelerating towards the direction of "intelligent education"

since the concept of "smart education" was put forward in the 2017 "new generation artificial intelligence development plan", the traditional education industry has joined the ranks of transformation and upgrading, and various intelligent technologies have gradually become the key to the realization of new education models. When artificial intelligence continues to refresh our imagination limits, authoritative institutions predict that by 2025, the global market capacity of educational robots will exceed 300billion yuan

like the popularization of intelligence, domestic robots will also enter more people's homes. For the elderly, intelligence is only a tool to obtain information, and only robots can help them complete some necessary physical work. Personalized AI and robots will become indispensable new families for thousands of families

recently, iRobot launched braava jet water spraying and floor wiping machine in the Chinese market. When it first entered the mouth, people. In addition to vacuuming and mopping the floor, which is a major test for the production technology of lightweight packaging materials, window cleaning can also be handed over to window cleaning robots instead of doing it yourself. Japanese brands launched windowmate window cleaning robot. It is reported that the robot can clean for 90 minutes after being fully charged, and the magnet is designed to be strong enough to withstand a certain amount of wind. Roy, a California engineer, developed a farming robot called farmbot, a farming machine made of 3D printers. He believes that in the future, people will surely live a self-sufficient life brought about by land robots in Star Wars

it is obvious that with the progress of science and technology, the consumption concept of Chinese consumers is constantly changing, and the demand for intelligent products is gradually increasing. In addition, the fast-paced life brought by the urbanization process makes people's rigid demand for robots more prominent. In the long run, in the context of market growth, domestic leading enterprises and high-quality enterprises have more prominent advantages. Enterprises with rich innovation, strong market adaptability and the courage to break through innovation will have more stable development

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