On modern commodity packaging

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On modern commodity packaging

packaging is one of the most important links in modern commodity production and marketing. The quality of packaging is directly related to the value of commodities in market circulation. The original packaging of goods was mainly for the convenience of customers. With the development of market economy, people begin to realize that commodity packaging, as a visual communication tool, is by no means an optional thing, but the face of commodities. Modern commodity packaging is becoming an indispensable part of commodities with its simple and clear shape. Packaging not only gives commodities unique personality, but also establishes a perfect visual image for commodities. At present, packaging has become the most direct competitive means for commodity manufacturers and dealers. Packaging is the self presentation of goods to customers, and has become a prerequisite for consumers to judge the quality of goods. With the deepening of China's entry into WTO, the necessity and importance of commodity packaging have become increasingly prominent. People continue to deeply experience that in today's economic globalization, only exquisite commodity packaging and high-quality commodities can be concerned and favored by the majority of consumers, and can they win in the fierce market competition

Southwest Aluminum Company has supplied nearly 1000 tons to the aviation industry. First, the functional concept of packaging design

1 safety concept. Ensuring the safety of goods and consumers is the most fundamental starting point of packaging design. In the design of commodity packaging, the safety protection measures for storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and use should be considered according to the properties of commodities. Different commodities may need different packaging materials. At present, the materials available include metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, cardboard, etc. When selecting packaging materials, we should not only ensure the seismic, compressive, tensile, extrusion and wear resistance of the materials, but also pay attention to the sun protection, moisture resistance, corrosion prevention, leakage prevention and fire prevention of the goods, so as to ensure that the goods are intact in any case

2 promotion concept. Promoting commodity sales is one of the most important functional concepts of packaging design. In the past, people mainly relied on salesperson's promotion and introduction when buying goods, but now supermarket self selection has become the most common way for people to buy goods. In the process of consumers' open shelf shopping, commodity packaging naturally acts as a silent advertisement or silent salesman. If the commodity packaging design can attract the attention of the majority of consumers and fully stimulate their desire to purchase, which makes degradable plastics still in the promotion stage, then the packaging design truly reflects the promotion concept

3 production concept. While ensuring beautiful shape, packaging design must consider whether the design can achieve accurate, rapid and batch production, and whether it is conducive to workers' rapid and accurate processing, molding, loading and sealing. In the design of commodity packaging, appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the attributes, use value and consumer groups of commodities, strive to unify the form and content, and fully consider saving production and processing time, so as to speed up the circulation of commodities

4 humanization concept. Excellent packaging design must adapt to the storage, transportation, exhibition and sales of goods, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. Therefore, in the design of commodity packaging, the microcomputer equipped with the experimental machine must have a reasonable proportion, rigorous structure and exquisite shape of the special-purpose box structure, with emphasis on the beauty of box shape and material, contrast and coordination, rhythm and rhythm, and strive to achieve the box structure with complete functions and exquisite appearance, so as to adapt to production, sales and even use. Common commodity packaging structures mainly include portable, suspended, open, open window, closed or a combination of several forms

5 artistic concept. Excellent packaging design should also have perfect artistry. Packaging is an art that directly beautifies goods. Goods with exquisite packaging and high artistic appreciation value are easier to jump out of a large number of goods, giving people the enjoyment of beauty, so as to win the favor of consumers

6 environmental protection concept. The awareness of environmental protection in modern society has become the consensus of most countries in the world. In the trend of ecological and environmental protection, only commodity packaging design that does not pollute the environment and does not harm human health can become the ultimate choice of consumers. Especially in food packaging, we should pay more attention to green packaging

7 visual communication concept. The essential feature of visual communication is simple and clear. Too much decorative content will only cause mutual interference, making the packaging theme difficult to highlight, which will not only affect the visual impact, but also mislead consumers' thinking. According to the law of visual communication, in the process of commodity packaging design, we should try to remove unnecessary visual elements and focus on strengthening the visual theme, so as to find the most creative and expressive way of visual communication

second, color and emotion in packaging design

color is the visual information symbol that is the most sensitive to visual stimulation and the fastest response speed among the elements of human vision. Japanese scientists have found that people's attention to color accounts for about 80% of human vision, while the attention to shape accounts for only about 20%. Therefore, color plays an important role in packaging design. Color can be divided into primary color, intermediate color, compound color and complementary color. Its three elements include hue, purity and lightness. Various elements have different attributes and meanings. Hue refers to the appearance characteristics and mutual differences of colors. The basic hues include red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. Their wavelengths are different, and the color perception caused by the action on human visual film is also different. Among them, the wavelength of red, orange and yellow light is larger, which has a strong impact on human vision, while the wavelength of blue, green and purple light is smaller, and the impact is also weak. Hue can reflect the solid color and warmth of things. Purity is a qualitative indicator of color in terms of quality. Lightness refers to the stimulus of colored light to human eyes. In the face of different colors, people will have different psychological reactions, such as cold and warm, light and dark, weight, strength, distance, expansion and contraction

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