Top ten plans to revitalize block printing

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Ten plans to revitalize block printing

Yangzhou Guangling ancient book printing society won the certificate of the list of representative works of human intangible cultural heritage. After taking back this gold lettered signboard, how can the woodblock printing technology be protected, inherited and developed to become a leading enterprise in the publishing, production and marketing of ancient books in China

Yangzhou newspaper media group has formulated ten plans for the development of block printing: do a good job in the inheritance planning of block printing, establish an industry association, publish two books, run a transmission institute, establish a research institute, collect precious editions scattered throughout the country, realize the commitment to declare world heritage, retain skilled elites, establish a marketing network, and hold international seminars


Yangzhou engraving printing is a living fossil

engraving printing expert Guan Shijun said that up to today, engraving printing is still alive and has a broad market foundation in the country

it is reported that at the end of the last century, South Korea once competed with China for the origin of printing. As a result, some Chinese experts pointed out that Chinese printing is still alive today, that is, the block printing in Yangzhou. Later, many foreign experts and scholars came in droves to study the block printing in Yangzhou and praised it as a living fossil of printing. Zhou Guangpei, an expert in engraving printing, remembers that Cao Yu once came to Yangzhou. After seeing the engraving printing skills, he sighed that although he had read a lot of books, he didn't know how books were printed until he came to Yangzhou. It can be said that without block printing, the history of China and even the world will be rewritten, and block printing has made great contributions to the inheritance of human civilization

there was a time when Yangzhou was expected to become the concentration of engraving in the country. At that time, Zhou Guangpei found many editions in Suzhou. The other party thought it was chicken ribs and piled them up in the straw shed at random. After his discovery, Ruhuozhibao, after coordination, arrived in Yangzhou with more than 20 ships, which is still a classic of Yangzhou engraving


engraving printing represents Yangzhou culture

engraving printing expert Liu Yongming said that when he built the museum, he encountered great resistance, and finally completed it, which has become an important coordinate of Yangzhou culture. He said that Yangzhou engraving printing, like Yangzhou school and Yangzhou painting school, is the body of Yangzhou culture. China has been able to develop and produce high-speed automatic chain blanking machine, high-speed pin machine, high-speed pipe rolling machine, roller 5-station cold heading machine, high-speed chain automatic assembly line, multi station flat top chain automatic forming assembly line, automatic heat treatment line with furnace, high-speed wear-resistant experimental machine One of a series of advanced, efficient and practical special equipment for chain making and testing, such as the new fatigue testing machine, represents the achievements of Yangzhou ancient culture

what is particularly rare is that although there have been many twists and turns in the development of block printing, many old artists have returned home, but they have finally been brought together, so that this skill can be inherited from generation to generation. Now, the new artists of that year have also become old artists, and the inheritance of skills is clearly visible

expert Dong Xuefang also said with deep feeling that in order to determine the positioning of woodblock printing in the cultural industry today, we should not only look at the domestic market, but also look further. For example, Japan and South Korea have a number of editions, and they are very interested in the woodblock printing industry. If we can work hard on the existing basis and play the cards of block printing and thread bound books, Yangzhou block printing can become an aircraft carrier for the publication, production and marketing of ancient books in the country

Xue Yongkang, who has been engaged in Yangzhou cultural industry for a long time, said that since block printing has become a world intangible cultural heritage, it should take on a greater responsibility. The cultural orientation of Yangzhou city can just assist the characteristic industry of block printing. However, the connotation of woodblock printing has not been fully explored, and there is a lack of packaging and publicity, which are in urgent need of improvement


the inheritance of block printing pays attention to the original ecology

Wang Ke, Secretary General of the municipal intangible cultural heritage protection center, said that there are three protection modes for intangible cultural heritage projects: rescue, integrity and productivity. Because block printing has always been active, it belongs to a kind of production. In the mode of inheritance, there are both traditional constancy and constantly changing evolution

nowadays, intangible cultural heritage is getting more and more attention, and the intangible cultural heritage protection law is expected to be issued. In terms of projects and successors, the state has special funds every year. However, intangible cultural heritage will also have a red card system. For those inheritors who do not shoulder the burden, they should be given a red card or even deprived of their identity

As the leading project of Yangzhou intangible cultural heritage, block printing should set an example. After the declaration is successful, we should also pay attention to protection and inheritance. If we can't declare successfully, it's over. The content of engraving printing technology is extremely rich. In addition to the skills and successors, even the cutting tools used in engraving are also within the scope of considering the downstream needs and the lack of improvement and inheritance

Wang Ke said that intangible cultural heritage projects can be made into industries, but they do not advocate full industrialization. Because intangible cultural heritage also emphasizes individuality, masters should use their own style and pay attention to the original ecology


invite the old artists at home

How can the traditional woodblock printing adapt to the new era

expert Wang Cheng believes that block printing is not only about printing books, but also has its own team responsible for topic selection and school journals. These people should not only understand ancient books, but also have a deep cultural foundation. For example, the writing talents and the words on the engraving are all handwritten, which cannot be replaced by computers. Teachers should also be carefully selected to form an orderly teaching system

Guan Shijun suggested that a woodblock printing industry association could be established to give old experts a place to use their strength. The inheritance funds allocated by the state should be used in the construction of the transmission institute, and more attention should be paid to the teachers and apprentices, so as to bring out more high-quality products. Many old artists have exquisite craftsmanship, but their cultural level is not high, so experts and scholars need to record their skills. They can publish two books, one is called Yangzhou block printing, which records their skills in the form of words, and the other is the collection of contemporary Yangzhou block printing. People can't always say "all Tang Poems" when they mention Yangzhou block printing

Liuxiangdong, an expert, said that the attention paid to block printing has reached an unprecedented level. Then, in terms of the technology of block printing, there can be no retrogression. Now there is a Chen Yishi, how many Chen Yishi can be produced after him? In other words, is there room for Chen Yishi's own level to rise

Zhong Yulong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of culture, said that when woodblock printing applied for the world intangible cultural heritage, it made some commitments to the United Nations Scientific, educational and cultural organization, which need to be realized within the specified time; Now many skilled old artists are at home, and they should be invited to work in the institute or Research Institute; Nowadays, network marketing is very important, and the rebound of billets and downstream finished products may help the development of scrap steel. Engraving printing needs the support and protection of the new material industry, and the brush industry can try this path; Hold an International Symposium on block printing, so that the influence of Yangzhou block printing can radiate all over the world

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