Key points of color processing technology for the

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Key points of packaging color processing technology

2 Whitening: the photographic plate making process of the times. In order to remedy the lack of light sensitivity in the dark position of the picture, you can remove the original flash once or put a piece of paper to make up the exposure, or directly use the flash lamp to flash white light to increase the depth of the original and soften the image

3. Fat explosion: overeating will certainly make you fat, and more light will expand your territory. Manual overprinting is more exposed and fattened in photosensitive film and separated transparent thick film

4. Colortraping: when separating colors and making plates, it is intended to expand and fertilize the color intersection, and finally wipe it dry with absorbent cotton dipped in water to reduce the impact of inaccurate overprint

5. Field: refers to the color block area without dots, usually refers to the full version

6. Anti white: words or lines are printed with Yin lines, revealing paper white

7. Bump: not fishermen?. In the amplitude modulation and color separation process, the distribution of point angles is wrong, or the distance between each corner is less than 25, and the moire begins to be obvious

8. Fly, the hanging process of lens plate making, remove the hanging after normal exposure, and add short exposure to increase contrast

9. Dogs around the world are affected by economic conditions and people's living habits. Dogs' teeth are concave and convex. Insufficient pixels in the picture, and dog teeth appear on the edge after zooming in

10. Rose dots, like deer patterns. Poor is called mat pattern, worse is Turtle pattern

11. Qitou, the order of layout ranking, provides the overall solution line based on the prefix. Extended to make-up and binding, it refers to taking the header position as the benchmark

12. Loose tail, a kind of typesetting. Only the spacing is unified, not the text at the end of the line is neat

13. A mask is not a ecstasy. It is a masking film for manual color separation, which can be dried with film or cut with red film, and can be used for ground removal or color modification,

14 Blue version: not playing basketball, nor RGB B (blue), but CMYK C (green) version

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