Key points of choosing industrial lens

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Key points of choosing industrial lens

for the selection of industrial camera lens, we must first determine the needs of customers, so which are the needs of customers? I have summarized the following points:

1, field of vision, optical magnification and expected working distance: when selecting a lens, we will choose a lens with a slightly larger field of vision than the measured object, which is conducive to motion control

2. Depth of field requirements: for items requiring depth of field, try to use a small aperture as much as possible; When choosing a lens with magnification, try to choose a low magnification lens with the permission of the project. If the requirements of the project are more stringent, we tend to choose the cutting-edge lens with high depth of field

3. Chip size and camera interface: for example, 2/3 lens supports the largest industrial camera, and the data obtained during the inspection process is more accurate. The rake surface of industrial camera is 2/3, which cannot support industrial cameras of more than 1 inch

4. Pay attention to the coordination with the light source and select the appropriate lens

12. stress control rate range: 0.005% - 6% fs/s5. Installable space: it is unrealistic for customers to change the size of equipment when the scheme is optional

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