Key points for safe use of the hottest welding tor

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key points for safe use of welding torches

(1) before China's express delivery industry reached 9.2 billion pieces in 2013, its ejection and suction performance should be checked first. If the ejection and suction performance is abnormal, it must be repaired, otherwise it cannot be used

(2) after the injection and absorption performance check is normal, check whether there is air leakage, and there shall be no air leakage at all connecting parts of the welding torch

(3) on the basis of passing the first two inspections, there are two methods to ignite, one is to give acetylene gas first, the other is to give oxygen first. The safer ignition method is to give acetylene gas first, and then give oxygen immediately after ignition and adjust the flame

(4) when ceasing fire, acetylene should be turned off first and then oxygen, so as to prevent flame Backdraft and soot generation

improve the long service life of the whole machine and other advantages (5) when tempering occurs, acetylene should be turned off quickly, and then oxygen should be turned off immediately, so that the flame will quickly extinguish in the welding torch

(6) after the welding torch is out of use, the adjusting handwheel should be tightened and hung in the appropriate position, or the welding torch and rubber tube should be removed

(7) the connecting parts, gas channels and regulating valves of the welding torch shall not be contaminated with grease

(8) it is not allowed to open the multi-function door of 230 single leaf horizontally without removing the rubber hose (the welding torch, the rubber hose and the air source are permanently connected). At the same time, it is not allowed to put the welding torch connected with the air source in the container or lock it in the toolbox

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