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Installation and key points of use of water quality sampler

the water quality sampler has the functions of setting, proofreading and displaying time, including year, month, day, hour, minute and second, and the full Chinese operation interface; It has automatic continuous or mixed timing, quantitative, automatic sampling triggered according to the set proportion and water quality exceeding standard events, automatic bottle separation function, automatic calibration of measurement accuracy, and fault alarm function. B) the electrical control circuit refers to international standards; The bottle separation range can be set arbitrarily; With temperature control, direct cooling automatic constant temperature refrigeration function. It is a sampling device for collecting water quality samples. At present, there are mainly two kinds of water quality manual sampler and automatic sampler. At present, our factory mainly produces artificial water quality samplers. The sampling depth of is shallow, but the controllability is relatively strong. You can sample some hidden corner water quality through the sampling rod, and the water quality at different depths can also be controlled by the valve. This paper mainly introduces the installation and key points of use

I. installation points of water quality sampler

when installing this instrument, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1 globally, do not install it directly above the water inlet of the sewage treatment plant (sulfide gas)

2. Install the sampler on the horizontal plane

3. Prevent the sampler from being heated

4. Prevent the sampler from being installed in the mechanical vibration environment and cut it off

5. Prevent the sampler from being installed in a strong magnetic field

6. Ensure that the air can circulate freely at the side plate of the sampler shell. Do not install the sampler directly on the wall. The installation distance between the wall and the left and right sides of the sampler shall be at least 150 mm

7. It should be installed above the water intake point, and the sampler should not be lower than the water intake point

II. Key points for the use of water quality sampler

1. The water intake pipe should be as short as possible from the sampler to the water intake point. The end connecting the sampler is the front end, and the end of the water point of the use skill of the bellows ring stiffness tester is the rear end. From the front end to the rear end, it should be reduced step by step, and there should be no uplift in the middle, so as to avoid blocking the water in the pipe when the sampler is purged backward. Thus affecting the sampling accuracy

2. When using AC220V power supply, the instrument should be grounded to ensure safety. (indoor installation)

3. The water storage bottle aligned with the distributor outlet in the startup state is the first bottle, and anticlockwise is the second and third...

4. The position of the distribution arm has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and it is not allowed to break it manually

5. The pump pipe should be checked regularly. If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. When replacing, a 2mm gap should be left between the pump pipe and the pump housing. After replacing the pump pipe, first press the pump forward or reverse key to turn the pump for a while until the pump operates normally and there is no jamming, and the pump pipe is installed

6. If the instrument is abnormal, please cut off the power immediately and notify the manufacturer to repair it. Do not disassemble it by yourself

7. When using the water quality sampler, ensure that the water outlet of the distributor is aligned with the mouth of the sampling bottle. Ensure that the water sample flows into the sampling bottle accurately

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