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Key points of bronzing process for cigarette label printing

with the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging industry, electrochemical aluminum bronzing is more and more widely used, such as book cover bronzing, gift box bronzing, clothing trademark and box bronzing, greeting card, invitation card, pen bronzing, etc., especially in cigarette package printing and brushing process, bronzing process is widely used The base materials for hot stamping include general paper, ink printing paper such as gold, silver and green, plastic (PE, PP, PVC), leather, wood and other special materials

anodized hot stamping foil mainly uses heating and pressurization to transfer patterns or words to the surface of the hot stamping material. To complete this process, you need a hot stamping machine and templates (such as zinc plate, copper plate, etc.) engraved with special words or patterns. For the temperature and transfer of heating line, you need to pay attention to the pressure and maintain the corresponding time. It should be noted that when hot stamping different materials, you should choose the appropriate model of electrochemical aluminum, and choose the appropriate temperature, pressure, hot stamping time, in order to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect. Features of bronzing: clear and beautiful patterns, bright colors, wear resistance and weather resistance

on the cigarette labels printed by our company, the application of bronzing process accounts for more than 8596. In graphic design, bronzing can make the finishing point and highlight the design theme. It is especially suitable for trademarks and registered names, and the effect is remarkable

Application of products:

1. Bronzing and laser gold stamping. It can be used for hot stamping on most products, including gold cards, silver cards, laser cards and glass cards. Its application is more common and the production is less difficult

2. Positioning holographic bronzing. Holographic laser anodized aluminum is a special process application in design, with corresponding anti-counterfeiting patterns, which can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of products and improve the grade of products at the same time. This kind of anodized aluminum is generally produced domestically. Compared with foreign imports, the price is relatively cheap, but the bronzing performance is slightly poor. Full holographic laser anodization has a great relationship with the control of stamping temperature, stamping pressure and speed, and even the stamping model. The cigarette labels used by our company include "hongchuanren" and the treasure "Yunwu Mountain"

3. Special application of electrochemical aluminum in technology. Burning before printing is a new idea in cigarette label design and printing industry. The application of this process has high requirements for anodized aluminum. In addition to the requirements of accurate bronzing position, smooth and bright surface, balanced and uniform pressure, no foaming, no paste, etc., it is also particularly required that the edges of bronzing patterns should not have obvious indentation, and the bronzing anodized aluminum should have good adhesion on the hot stamping surface, and there should be no obvious scratches and scratches. As we all know, the bronzing process is actually a process of heating and pressing the paper. For white cards and glass cards, special attention should be paid to the protection of semi-finished products, and various adverse factors of paper deformation should be minimized in the production process, which is of great help to the smooth progress of the post bronzing process and the improvement of product qualification rate. This kind of cigarette label produced by our factory mainly includes dark blue "stone forest" small box, golden nature "Jiuzhaigou" small box, etc

in the application of bronzing process, we will encounter the problem of how to improve work efficiency in production. In particular, it is very necessary to improve the process of large quantities of products

in order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, for the printing of small cigarette labels with "red three rings" flip strips, the original production process requires offset printing, gilding and oiling. After using new materials, offset printing and oiling can be completed at one time, and then gilding. In this way, one process can be reduced in offset printing, avoiding the phenomenon of die cutting and color explosion of paper (reducing the impact of ultraviolet radiation), Without affecting the normal operation of the bronzing process, the production efficiency is greatly improved, the scrap rate is reduced, and the adverse effects on the production of other products are reduced

direct bronzing on the surface of UV varnish requires high requirements for UV varnish and bronzing anodized aluminum. When applying varnish, pay attention to controlling the amount of oil, try to ensure that the varnish coating of the whole batch of products is relatively stable, and the oil layer should be thin and flat. For the anodized aluminum used for hot stamping, it is required to be high-temperature resistant, have good adhesion, and have good bronzing suitability with the varnish (the resin type used in the varnish matches the hot-melt adhesive in the anodized aluminum used for hot stamping). In all products, the application scope of this process is small, and so far it has only been used in the boutique "Guangzhou" and the boutique "red three ring"

in addition, anodized gilding on gold, silver ink and dumb oil also has high requirements for the gilding surface and anodized gilding. If the ink particles on the gilding surface are large or the surface is rough, it will directly affect the normal process of



1. The appropriate hot stamping foil must be selected according to the different products of the hot objects. When hot stamping, we must master the temperature, pressure and hot stamping speed. The company began to fully implement the good practices and experience of work areas 3 and 6, which are coordinated by three parties, and differ according to the hot stamping materials and hot stamping area

2. Master the speed and direction of the turning knife when cutting

3. Paper, ink (especially black ink), dry oil and compound glue with the same properties should be selected for the anodized aluminum hot stamping foil. The hot stamping must be kept dry to avoid oxidation or damage of the bronzing layer

4. The general packaging is 0.64M × 120 one roll, one box for every 10 rolls. You can also customize rolls with a width of 0.64 m and a length of 240 m or 360 m, or other special specifications

5. Store in a cool and ventilated place against pressure, moisture, heat and sun

(author/Xu Yunfeng, Hong Tao, Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Co., Ltd.)

information source: printing magazine 2005 (6)

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